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[Morpheus Ravenna] ✓ The Book of The Great Queen [islamic-terrorism PDF] Read Online ☆ Without a doubt the most complete, well researched, and well written book on The Morrigan available As a scholar myself, I appreciate the thorough documentation and careful research I cannot recommend this book highly enough.
The Book of The Great Queen Is The Culmination Of Nearly Years Of The Author S Study And Practice As A Dedicant Of The Morr Gan The Intention For The Book Is To Provide A Comprehensive And In Depth Look At The Morr Gan As We Know Her Through Textual, Historical, And Archaeological Sources, Her Role And Cult Of Worship In Ancient Celtic Religion, And To Provide Guidance For The Modern Devotional Practitioner Drawing On These Traditions Cover Art And Illustrations Are By Valerie Herron Of Mystic Media Production Of The Book Has Been Crowd Funded Through A Very Successful IndieGoGo Campaign In , Nearly Tripling The original Goal In depth reference for the Olde Irish faces of the Morrigan It is well written and has solid references for the sourced content I would encourage anyone seeking information on the Morrigan to start here.
I enjoyed the thoroughness of this work that I ve followed the author on here in hopes of additional publications.
This is one of the few books I have that is now marked up, with highlighter, margin notes, and tabs.
This book continually feeds my soul I m constantly amazed and fulfilled by the depth of information provided in this book It is clear that the author has dedicated herself to the immense task of putting all of this information together in a way that can be easily digested by the reader More than that though is the underlying belief and devotion of the author I feel like I have found a resource that resonates with my soul and that I will derive guidance from for years to come.
I am tremendously impressed by the depth of scholarship and dedication contained in this book it is an outstanding piece of devotional work, and an unparalleled resource from all I ve read in polytheist publishing The scope and thoroughness of it is really quite breathtaking, and the consistent high level of quality from start to end is remarkable I have read many successful doctoral theses in related subjects that showed less command of the material The author s voice is fluid, engaging and confident, without claiming false authority The deep linguistic exploration of the poems analyzed was a particular highlight, as were the author s thorough grounding of her theories specific to Irish cultural practices within the greater context of other Celtic and Indo European cultures.

Amazing amount of scholarly work went into this book Very greatful Also lovely presentation Large format book and beautiful, intriguing artwork.
If memory serves me right and it ain t what it used to be this is Morpheus Ravenna s freshmen effort, and she just did the proverbial mic drop with this book There are many so many books and essays written about the Morrigan Chances are that even if you ve never read a single celtic myth that you ve heard of the goddess the Morrigan If not, then you are in luck Morpheus Ravenna has combed through every myth and folktale that even mentioned Morrigan, or Badb, or Macha, or Nemain, or Anu, or her Gaulish or British cognates and condensed it into encyclopedic yet, fun and entertaining chapters for the first half of her book However, the second half of her book is all about modern day devotional prayer and worship That shouldn t be too surprising She did also co found the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood In closing, I regard this work as the de facto go to for all things Morrigan that modern man could ever need Further, I look forward to her Sopho effort.