↠´ The Chinchilla Handbook à Download by ☆ Sharon Lynn Vanderlip DVM

↠´ The Chinchilla Handbook à Download by ☆ Sharon Lynn Vanderlip DVM This book tells you EVERYTHING you need to know I read this book cover to cover and found it was FULL of interesting facts and information about Chinchillas.
I recently took in two chinchillas that the owner could no longer care for Before I bought this book, I knew nothing Once I read the last page, I have since been able to teach others about proper Chinchilla care.
I HIGHLY recommend this book for every beginner This book an an excellent resource on all things chinchilla related The chapters are organized nicely for referral, and it s an easy read written by a knowledgeable exotic veterinarian.
a vet wrote this one, so as can expect, it has a lot of technical information for the little guys pictures kind of lacking and repeated chins but still pretty nice very informative book for the first time owner helps you really think through if getting chins are for you and gives you the technical information you need to get started and beyond.

I just got a chinchilla and this book was INVALUABLE I thank you and Chin Chin thanks you By the way they are great little pets I bought this book after I adopted my chichi, and it has been a great help in teaching me how to care for my little guy in the best way possible The book is great for people who aren t sure if a chinchilla is the right pet for them, as well as for people who are trying to learn how to best care for their new pet For those exploring the idea of getting a chinchilla, the book will walk you through everything to consider before buying adopting one and how to ensure that you get a chinchilla with the temperament that s right for you Among many other things, the book also discusses breeding chinchillas and common injury and illnesses that can affect your chinchilla.
These Small Mammals, Native To South America, Are Known For Their Luxurious, Soft Fur And Boisterous, Playful Personalities They Are Quiet Creatures And Very Low Maintenance Pets However, There S A Lot You Need To Know To Keep This Long Lived Rodent Happy And Healthy BES Pet Handbooks Are Written, Designed, And Illustrated In Much The Same Attractive Style As BES Best Selling Complete Pet Owner S Manuals However, Handbooks Have A Larger Page Count And With It, Extensive And Detailed Coverage Of Each Title S Subject Pet This Updated Edition For Chinchilla Owners Provides A Wealth Of Information On The Animal S Anatomy And Life Cycle, Plus Advice On Housing, Feeding, Training, And Health Care