[ Read Online The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting (Audible Audio Edition): Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung, Victory Belt Publishing: Amazon.ca: Audible Canada ↠´ patternmaking PDF ] by Jimmy Moore ✓ g-couture.co.uk

[ Read Online The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting (Audible Audio Edition): Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung, Victory Belt Publishing: Amazon.ca: Audible Canada ↠´ patternmaking PDF ] by Jimmy Moore ✓ Thousands Of books Have Been Written About The Latest And Greatest Diets That Will Help People Lose Weight And Improve Health But A Key Element In Any Successful Nutritional Health Program Is A Tried And True Method That Most People Haven T Thought About Yet It Could Be Revolutionary For Taking Health To The Next Level This Ancient Secret Is Fasting Fasting Is Not About Starving Oneself When Done Right, It S An Incredibly Effective Therapeutic Approach That Produces Amazing Results Regardless Of Diet Plan In Fact, Toronto Based Nephrologist Dr Jason Fung Has Used A Variety Of Fasting Protocols With Than , Patients, With Fantastic Success In The Complete Guide To Fasting, He Has Teamed Up With International Best Selling Author And Veteran Health Podcaster Jimmy Moore To Explain What Fasting Is Really About, Why It S So Important, And How To Fast In A Way That Improves Health Together, They Make Fasting As A Therapeutic Approach Both Practical And Easy To Understand The Complete Guide To Fasting Explains Why Fasting Is Actually Good For Health Who Can Benefit From Fasting And Who Won T The History Of Fasting The Various Ways To Fast Intermittent, Alternate Day, And Extended Fasting What To Expect When Starting To Fast How To Track Progress While Fasting The Weight Loss Effects Of Fasting How To Ward Off Potential Negative Effects From Fasting PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your Library Section Along With The Audio I m a doctor of public health I ve fasted myself up to 23 days and I help women lose weight with intermittent fasting.
I ve read a few books on fasting and a good bit of the scientific literature I ve just finished reading Dr Fung s book I highly recommend it.
Dr Fung speaks from experience From what I understand, he s supervised a few hundred fasters in his clinic He also draws from the scientific literature, and ends each chapter in the book with a list of references I liked that his book is both practical and scientifically sound.
Many books on fasting are written by lay people In my opinion, some of the advice you ll find in these books can harm you Dr Fung is an MD and it shows in his book You ll find Precautions to take before and during your fast Who should not fast including a list of diseases and explanations for each Tips and best practices to follow when you fast for example, Dr Fung recommends taking bone broth and a multivitamin during longer fasts In short, he s taken every precaution to make sure you ll fast safely, if you choose to.
Overall, I think this book is best in class when it comes to intermittent fasting I wish I had that book 2 years ago when first started fasting myself.
Etienne Juneau, PhDDoctor of Public Health My Father lost both his legs from complications from diabetes and it ended up killing him, I thought it was just a matter of time for me November 1st 2016 my blood glucose was 21.
8 mmol l 392.
4 mg dl Was always told that people with Type 2 diabetes should not fast Found out about Dr Fung on Nov 19th, started my first fast the next day Lasted 5.
5 days My blood glucose dropped like a rock Now 3 months later I am upset if it gets over 6 108 I would have killed for 6 just a few months ago Did not adopt this plan for weight loss, but am also down 20 lbs.
Beware that the mainstream medical community does not like the intermittent fasting, low carb healthy fat diet, but it saved my life, and I am living proof that it works.
Get the book, you won t be disappointed.

As someone with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS I wish I had access to information like this years ago I always knew carbs affected my body than the average person but now I understand the real problem is insulin resistance I have tried the whole exercise , eat less plan, for decades and it just doesn t work Eating less makes me feel lousy, but strangely, when I fast for longer periods of time between meals, I feel good really good I have done low carb diets in the past with great results as far as weight loss, but I always fell back into heavy carb eating once again I couldn t sustain the diet, which pushed me back up to a high weight once again and put me at high risk for diabetes Women with PCOS are already at high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes If you want to be able to keep eating junk food and processed food, don t try fasting you will feel awful going from high carbs to no carbs, and if you binge on chocolate you will get a killer headache when you fast If you are willing to eat healthier foods as you begin intermittent fasting, you will find the whole process much easier to do I have been than 60 pounds overweight for thirty years, I have always been a binge eater and chocoholic, but the core of my eating has always been very healthy with lots of vegetables I find that when I eat only healthy foods, and fast between meals, I feel much satisfied and far less hungry which makes this plan easier and easier to do as you stick with it Out of everything I have tried over the years to lose weight I find intermittent fasting the most sustainable to do and the easiest to work into my life The best part is that I am losing weight and I feel great Everything about this plan provides positive reinforcement to keep you going you see the numbers on the scale going down, you feel clear headed, you feel satisfied with less food, high carb foods aren t so appealing any and joint pain disappears You can even enjoy special occasions without having to stand back while everyone else enjoys the food intermittent fasting helps you get back on track again quickly and easily without derailing you completely.
Buy this book if you want to try intermittent fasting and buy The Obesity Code if you want to learn in much greater detail the science of weight gain and weight loss and why fasting helps If you can only buy one of Dr Fung s books, I recommend this one It will change your life Reading this book was life changing I thought the whole low carb, high fat diet was all a bunch of hogwash to be honest but after trying everything else, following this healthy way to at and also understanding why so many diets have failed me in the past was wonderful I now eat better than I ever did before More food, healthy fats, lower but healthy carbs and I feel really good I have lost 52 pounds so far and got off my diabetes medications.