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è Read ç The Complete Guide to Gunsmithing: Gun Care and Repair by Charles Edward Chapel é Well written Descriptive and written well for the novice and home smiths Fast shipping.
Clear and methodical information.
The Most Comprehensive Gunsmithing Guide Of All TimeWritten By One Of The Most Prolific Firearms Experts Of All Time, The Complete Guide To Gunsmithing Is A Highly Detailed And Essential Reference For The Gun Enthusiast And Gunsmith Alike At Nearly Pages, Chapel Covers Everything From The Use Of Proper Tools To How To Get A Gunsmithing Job, And Everything In Between In Than Forty Chapters Of Exceptionally Clear Prose, The Book Answers Every Question A Collector, Soldier, Or Home Defender Could Have On Topics Such As Drawings And Blueprints Stock Design Checkering And Carving Stock Repairs And Alterations Etching And Engraving And Many Not Only Is The Book An Incredible Resource For Gun Owners And Gunsmiths, Its Also A Wonderful Look At The World Of Firearms In The First Half The Twentieth Century Published Just Over Seventy Years Ago, The Book And Revised By The Author Two Decades LaterThe Complete Guide To Gunsmithing Is Fascinating Look At How The Nature Of Firearms Has Changed With A Thoughtful Introductory Note By Renowned Outdoorsman Dr Jim Casada And Eighty Five Meticulous Illustrations, This Is The Definitive Edition Of An Enduring And Authoritative ClassicSkyhorse Publishing Is Proud To Publish A Broad Range Of books For Hunters And Firearms Enthusiasts We Publish books About Shotguns, Rifles, Handguns, Target Shooting, Gun Collecting, Self Defense, Archery, Ammunition, Knives, Gunsmithing, Gun Repair, And Wilderness Survival We Publish books On Deer Hunting, Big Game Hunting, Small Game Hunting, Wing Shooting, Turkey Hunting, Deer Stands, Duck Blinds, Bowhunting, Wing Shooting, Hunting Dogs, And While Not Every Title We Publish Becomes A New York Times Bestseller Or A National Bestseller, We Are Committed To Publishing books On Subjects That Are Sometimes Overlooked By Other Publishers And To Authors Whose Work Might Not Otherwise Find A Home A very good book Complete is a bit of a misnomer More like introductory guide to a couple of popular guns.
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This is an older accounting of gunsmith work Will still be applicable, but doesn t address the most modern of equipment or firearms.

very old school Really Interesting lots of good information