✓ The Complete Training of Horse and Rider ó Download by ☆ Alois Podhajsky

✓ The Complete Training of Horse and Rider ó Download by ☆ Alois Podhajsky This is a wonderful, classic book.
For Over A Quarter Of A Century, Colonel Alois Podhajsky Was The Director Of The Spanish Riding School In Vienna, Home Of The Famous White Lipizzaner Stallions Whose Remarkable Performances Have Thrilled Audiences Throughout The World Now For The First Time, Col Podhajsky Has Set Forth Explicitly And In Practical, Instructive Fashion The Step By Step Methods Of Training Both Horse And Rider That Are Used At The School And That Are The Applicable Foundations Of All Good Horsemanship, For Their Purpose Is To Develop The Natural Abilities Of The Horse And To Make Riding A Graceful, Pleasurable Experience read and re read and re read this THIS is what dressage is THIS In my opinion this is one of the finest horsemanship novels ever written Alois Podhajsky, dressage icon and former head of the Spanish Riding School, has created an exemplary literary piece that few horse books ever come close to The book is divided into six chapters each chapter has smaller subsections for easy referencing Although younger readers may find this book to be long or boring due to its eloquent vocabulary, any serious horseman or woman will find this to be an exceptional novel For people with little time I would recommend reading small sections at a time The author explains so much that the reader should reflect on what he or she is learning, not just try to cram through it The explanations in this book resulted in a marked improvement in my own skills, and I often refer other riders back to it whenever they are having trouble Podhajsky makes even the most complex dressage manuvers easy to comprehend I especially liked the way that he formed two different chapters on the training of the horse and the training of the rider By breaking the two concepts apart, a rider is able to first read of what the horse should be doing and then what he or she should be doing at the same time Other chapters are about the principles of riding, definitions and key concepts, saddles and bridles, and the Spanish Riding School The photographs and drawings in the novel are logical and illustrate the points wonderfully Wise is the rider even Western riders will benefit from the control and balance exercises that buys this book it is the perfect companion to horsemanship lessons.
Writtenthan 50 years ago, the book still remains relevant and applicable.
The book helped me understand all key concepts underlying dressage training.
It is amazingly thoughtful, thorough and clear.

Great book for any equine professional Its a classic and a must read for any serious rider trainer Its a bit of a dry read but full of great information A wonderful reference to have on your shelf to refer to again and again.
Love the book The Lipizanners have always been my favourite breed of horse Wonderful The ballet dancers of the horse world