Download Epub Format ✓ The Dollhouse Sourcebook PDF by ✓ Caroline Clifton-Mogg

Download Epub Format ✓ The Dollhouse Sourcebook PDF by ✓ Caroline Clifton-Mogg lots of great color photos of english sitting, bed, dining rooms and kitchens good history lesson no instructions or how tos It s an okay book, but there are definitely better resource books out there even at the time this book would of been published.
The main area where the book is let down is the photography, and there are a lot better photos of some of the work that is represented in this book, especially the work of Kevin Mulvany Susie Rogers, and John Hodgson.
As for the supporting research information, this is rather brief and generalized in some areas Some of this information presented, both within the supporting information, and the photo captions is slightly inaccurate in parts as well Would also of been nice, if the work was accredited to artist, with the caption.
Might be better to buy a used copy, as it may disappoint.
If I could give this than five stars I would This is one of the few books I ever borrowed from the library and loved it so much I had to buy it.
The book is organized by chapters that cover different rooms drawing room, dining room, library, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc Then in each chapter it describes how the function of that particular room and the furniture used within it evolved over the centuries This information is well written and informative, and accompanied by GORGEOUS full color photos of miniature rooms representing different periods and styles Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, etc I also love how the author includes excerpts from letters and diary entries to offer glimpses of how people actually living in that time period described the various rooms it s like a little bit of time travel If you are on the fence about whether or not you want to get into this hobby, I would advise you to stay away from this book because if I wasn t already obsessed, I would be after flipping through it No matter what style you are interested in, this book will be a source of inspiration for decorating your dollhouse I have owned it for months and I find something new and interesting every time I open it.
Lots and lots of pictures I opened this book three times to read, but kept looking at pictures o So beautiful If it wasn t so heavy I d put it in my briefcase and read at lunch For older folks, remember when you were a kid, that Sears xmas catalog was picture heaven this is close Should add, it really is a source book, a little outdated, but there is a source list after the bibliography and before the index, I just haven t gotton past being a kid again o Beautiful photos, great decorating ideas Wonderful rooms and furniture Can not wait to finish reading it Bought another one for as a gift for a friend.
Okay book of classic dollhouses Not exactly a source book since it is very dated from 1997 Lots of photos, but nothing in it to drool over.
Briefly Recounts The History Of Miniature Interiors, And Looks At Rooms Decorated In Different Period Styles