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[ Pdf The Egg and I Å parenting PDF ] by Betty MacDonald Æ Its corny but funny The humour is somewhat dated but if your in the right mood, you can t help but laugh When Betty MacDonald Married A Marine And Moved To A Small Chicken Farm On The Olympic Peninsula In Washington State, She Was Largely Unprepared For The Rigors Of Life In The Wild With No Running Water, No Electricity, A House In Need Of Constant Repair, And Days That Ran From Four In The Morning To Nine At Night, The MacDonalds Had Barely A Moment To Put Their Feet Up And Relax And Then Came The Children Yet Through Every Trial And Pitfallthrough Chaos And Catastrophethis Indomitable Family Somehow, Mercifully, Never Lost Its Sense Of HumorA Beloved Literary Treasure For Than Half A Century, Betty MacDonald S The Egg and I Is A Heartwarming And Uproarious Account Of Adventure And Survival On An American Frontier An amazing book One of those books that makes you laugh out loud So very well written and descriptive I read this as a 12 year old and purchased it 40 years later and it still held the same amount of charm.
Wonderful Reread the novel from many years and it continued to captivate me with its sense its ability to present misfortune, mishaps in a comical manner For the first time in a long while, I bought this book on purpose with the intent of reading it Despite that, I may still be a bit biased as I just love the movies of the 40s and 50s that came about because of this book so I might be a bit biased.
As usual, starting with the positive, this book is a delicious snapshot of the time in which it was written Characters are colorful and varied and painted with a broad and amusing brush I was especially delighted when I realized or remembered that Ma and Pa Kettle made their debut to the world in this novel The portrayal of those characters is rather harsher and negative than their on screen depiction, but they re certainly recognizable The author has a wry comic wit that falls just short of actual laughter This one is a classic archetype of the day.
To the negative side of the ledger, the book is rather a random hodgepodge Timelines bounce back and forth with seeming randomness and the whole thing is very much in the form of someone s stories told around the kitchen table committed to paper Little attention has been paid to the narrative long form and near the end especially things just don t hang together very tightly.
In summary, this is a fast and entertaining read but no work of great literature It has much to reveal about the time and place of subject and does so with some comedic effect, but falls short of outright guffaws.

Absolutely entertaining First The Egg and I, I m now reading Onions in the Stew Waiting for The Plague and I It s on order read them all many years ago.
This time I wanted them for my Kindle I ve also read Anybody can do Anything.
And oh, yes, I read Betty before wading into the re read of her very entertaining boos I didn t get to read this book when it was The Book of the Month club After 12 years at a Ranger Station and 15 Years on a mixed farm I appreciate Betty MacDonald s discription and humour that makes it all worthwhile The stories are those equal to friends that have lived during the developing period in rural life 1924 2012 It certainly took that sort of a sense of humour to love the life The book is realistic.