ê The Elephant's Secret Sense: The Hidden Life of the Wild Herds of Africa ☆ Download by ¹ Caitlin O'Connell

ê The Elephant's Secret Sense: The Hidden Life of the Wild Herds of Africa ☆ Download by ¹ Caitlin O'Connell A wonderful, informative, well written book Hats off to Caitlin O Connell A must for every elephant lover s library Highly recommended I can t put it down.
While Observing A Family Of Elephants In The Wild, Caitlin O Connell Noticed A Peculiar Listening Behavior The Matriarch Lifted Her Foot And Scanned The Horizon, Causing The Other Elephants To Follow Suit, As If They Could Hear The Ground The Elephant S Secret Sense Is O Connell S Account Of Her Groundbreaking Research Into Seismic Listening And Communication, Chronicling The Extraordinary Social Lives Of Elephants Over The Course Of Fourteen Years In The Namibian Wilderness This Compelling Odyssey Of Scientific Discovery Is Also A Frank Account Of Fieldwork In A Poverty Stricken, War Ravaged Country In Her Attempts To Study An Elephant Community, O Connell Encounters Corrupt Government Bureaucrats, Deadly Lions And Rhinos, Poachers, Farmers Fighting For Arable Land, And Profoundly Ineffective Approaches To Wildlife Conservation The Elephant S Secret Sense Is Ultimately A Story Of Intellectual Courage In The Face Of Seemingly Insurmountable Obstacles I Was Transported By The Author S Superbly Sensuous Descriptions Of Her Years Spent Studying The Animals Conjures A High Class Nature Documentary Film In Prose Steven Poole, Guardian A Ride As Rough And Astonishing As The Roads Of The African Floodplain Joan Keener, Entertainment Weekly A Successful Combination Of Science And Soulfulness, Explaining Her Groundbreaking Theory Of How Elephants Use Seismic Communication O Connell S Account Is Studded With Sympathetic Insights And Well Turned Phrases Publishers Weekly This Fascinating Book Reads Like A Fast Paced Detective Story Of A Scientific Discovery And Adventure Set In Contemporary Africa By The End, O Connell Takes Her Rightful Place Among The Leading Biographers Of The African Elephant Iain Douglas Hamilton, Author Of Among The Elephants A very interesting read, these animals are amazing creatures and the we can learn about them the we can learn about us

wonderful insight into the lives of these gentle giants.
This book purports to be about the secret sense of elephants yet very little of the book is devoted to this Much is devoted to meetings between various organisations I have been to Africa many times and observed elephants in the wild and nothing in this book evokes the magic of these magnificent creatures.