Trailer ✓ The Ghosts of Autumn: A Season of Hunting Stories PDF by Ê Joel Spring

Trailer ✓ The Ghosts of Autumn: A Season of Hunting Stories PDF by Ê Joel Spring I love this book I was randomly surfing the net and looking for a good hunting fall themed book to read take on a hunting trip to GA last week My mouth dropped open when I read some of his first few stories and remembrances It s like he climbed inside my brain s memory bank and pulled out my same stories and feelings, too We are so similar in our experiences and takeaways from Autumns past Can 2 strangers really have these same feelings and things that have happened I guess so Now, about his writing style As a fellow writer, he has a smooth, buttery style that is very easy to read, descriptive, yet doesn t drag you down to the details so thick you can t get through them like other writers tend to do they overtell it It s a great book to curl up in front of a fire after a day s hunt or day at work, just to escape to where he takes you It s a great book to read in a deer blind when you can feel the wind and smell the woods It is a book I ll re read, most likely every October to ramp me up for deer season in November Love it if you like the outdoors, or hunting, or holding memories dear about even the littlest things in your life, you ll enjoy this book immensely I wish I could meet him and hunt together, and thus share our common tales.
My husband bought this book and recommended that I read it also I am a reader and I m always looking for a new book to get into, but my first thought was, Really I don t want to read about hunting It seemed to mean a lot to him that I read it Well, to my surprise, this was not just a hunting book Mr Spring explains the thoughts and emotions that go along with his experiences in nature to the point that I felt like I was right there with him I would recommend this book, not only to hunters, but maybe also to their loved ones who are left at home during hunting season It was an eye opening view into a world I knew nothing about I m so glad I read it and I think I will look into buying Mr Spring s other books for my husband.
I was so happy that Mr Spring gave us a book of his fine outdoor stories Nothing wrong with how to books but in the end those memories you made, that is really what it is all about Mr Spring gets that important point and fully realizes that you can still have a great day even when you don t win against the wildlife you pursue A bunch of the points that he put in this book had me shaking my head yes as I fully agreed with him and could easily relate to those points For sure a book to add to your collection Thank You so much Mr Spring

Gift for my husband He said it was a good hunting book He has read so many hunting books I was worried, but he said it was a good choice.
Be prepared when you sit back to read this book All of your ghosts of autumn will be there Thank you, Joel It was a wonderful experience.
I was going to give it a four Then by chance one of my own ghosts those of us who have walked the forests and fields have a few appearedso five it was I will order his other books and look to the next one if our trips around the sun permits.
I have enjoyed the book so far I did have some cold winds blur my vision around chapter 3 It is a good read that takes you through highs and lows Geographically, Some Seven Hundred Miles Separate Aldo Leopolds Sand County From Joel Springs Niagara County Spiritually, They Lie Much, Much Closer Thomas McIntyre, Field Editor, Sports AfieldJoin Joel Spring For One Brief Season In The Life Of An Avid Outdoorsman Stories Of Dogs And Deer, Friendship And Adventure, Heartache And Triumph Are Set Against A Backdrop Of The Vivid Colors Of Autumn From The First Few Wisps Of Cool North Wind In September, Through The Frigid Mountain Cold Of A Late December Morning, The Author Treats You Like A Welcomed FriendSprings Carefully Crafted Prose Revisits The Ghosts Of Hundreds Of Past Hunts With Good Dogs And Good Friends Will Appeal Not Only To Avid Hunters And Outdoorsmen But Also Anyone Who Appreciates Fine Writing About Nature Spend Some Time With Joel Spring And The Ghosts Of AutumnThis Is My Cathedral These Are My Meditations I Was Raised Methodist, But This Is My Religion The Fields And Woods And Old Orchards Here Are Sacred Ground I Feel The Presence Of My Old Friends I Am Humbled In The Face Of The Beauty Of The Place And Experience The Quiet Only Found In Nature The Peace For Which We All Search Envelops Me On My Worst Days Ive Never Failed To Find It HereSkyhorse Publishing Is Proud To Publish A Broad Range Of books For Hunters And Firearms Enthusiasts We Publish books About Shotguns, Rifles, Handguns, Target Shooting, Gun Collecting, Self Defense, Archery, Ammunition, Knives, Gunsmithing, Gun Repair, And Wilderness Survival We Publish books On Deer Hunting, Big Game Hunting, Small Game Hunting, Wing Shooting, Turkey Hunting, Deer Stands, Duck Blinds, Bowhunting, Wing Shooting, Hunting Dogs, And While Not Every Title We Publish Becomes A New York Times Bestseller Or A National Bestseller, We Are Committed To Publishing books On Subjects That Are Sometimes Overlooked By Other Publishers And To Authors Whose Work Might Not Otherwise Find A Home