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[John M. Collins] ✓ The Gliding Flight [womens-rights PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¾ I was given this book a few years ago by my grandfather my grandparents knew that I liked origami, electronics, and legos It s an incredible book I spent long hours folding airplane after airplane My school administrators the philistines lumped artwork such as the AWACS with any other form of flying paper, and this caused much strife This is a wonderful book an ideal gift for anyone from a child of 10 who knows some origami to a college student Having lost my copy years ago, I m only replacing it now, but I treasure this gift than any video game or radio controlled car.
The Gliding Flight Is A Return To Paper Airplane Basics One Person, One Piece Of Paper, And A Few Folds Later, One Airplane Using A Refreshingly Inventive Approach To Designs And Flying Characteristics, You Can Make original Paper Planes, Such As The Stealth, The Wind Devil, The Glart, And The Skid Kid The Book S Flip Book Animation Demonstrates The Basic Origami Folds, With Clear Step By Step Assembly For Each Design A Crease Here And There Is All You Need To Create High Performance Aircraft No Scissors, No Glue In The Current Age Of Electronic Toys, THE GLIDING LIGHT Proves You Can Still Have Fun With A Simple Sheet Of Paper And A Little Imagination From The Trade Paperback Edition I had been searching for a good paper airplane book for a long time looking for plans that involved only paper and folding no scissors, tape, glue, paper clips, or anything extra While travelling for work in Arizona several years ago I found this book at a Barnes Noble it s the best paper airplane book I have ever run across Some of the folds can be challenging but the author s use of flip through animation in the corners of the book help tremendously I ve built and flown every plane in the book and they all perform incredibly especially The Plane Buy this book and you ll be amazed by the looks and performance of your paper airplanes.
Very Good I really love this book It is ingenious and easy to follow Would recommend to everybody that is interested in paper planes Great price on Great buy.
It is nice book for someone studying about plane.
it taleaches you about aerodinamics Pretty informative book.

I was delightfully surprised by this book The airplanes are great examples of origami, they look good and they fly You ll discover some unique and dramatic looking airplanes here The folds may be difficult if you re not familiar with origami, but there is an ingenious flip page tutorial printed on the page edges that illustrate the tricky folds.
While some of the folds are origami difficult there should be difficulty ratings for each plane , the planes really are impressive flyers The book attempts to demonstrate the difficult folds with flip through style animations on the margin of the pages My 5 year old son thinks I m the best paper airplane maker in the world