✓ The Goat Handbook ¾ Download by â Ulrich Jaudas

✓ The Goat Handbook ¾ Download by â Ulrich Jaudas This reference book on goats is not the best I ve seen, but has some very nice points to it It is out of date in several areas, the most important being the issue of mineral supplementation the problem with copper being the most glaring But that info can be found in other places, like newslists on the Internet and so on.
The book is smaller than most, with only 93 pages, but has some very nice illustrations and photos The topics covered include Buying Goats Housing and Equipment Feeding Care and Management Health Maintenance and Sickness Breeding and Raising Young Goat Products and Goat Breeds of the World.
All in all this is an ok book, but should not be the primary resource for someone entering into raising goats.
Excellent book exactly what we were expecting Lots of info Worth reading if thinking of raising goats This has been a valuable resource over the years My first goat was a 125cc model and with the help of this manual, i learnt all about the care and maintenance needed.
I plan, in the summer, to get another 125cc and then take them on a cross country trek through Romford via Stratford Highly recommended is the section on the uses of the milk, meat and hair and the methods of reconstruction if any bits go missing.

This is an excellent manual for new owners of goats Everything is in here from cradle to grave I have raised goats my entire life and I even learned a couple of things from this wonderful book While I had some minor disagreements with some things here and there, I felt that the book was 99% accurate in its content While I don t eat goat meat myself, I am told that the recipes are excellent.
The New Goat Handbook updates and remedies most of the deficiencies of its predecessor, The Old Goat Handbook While goats housing, care and feeding needs have changed little since the days of Homer, recent veterinary research has made great strides in the field of goat health and fitness The special new chapter on using goat milk, meat and hair offers useful and valuable information, but I object to the book s strictly utilitarian approach to goating Goats are also beautiful, intelligent animals that make loving, loyal companions.
Inaccurate information Very disappointing book Suggests having a border collie guard goats Clearly written by someone who has not spent much time with goats or dogs Goats Are Economically Valuable Animals, But Owners Need Basic Information About Their Care, Housing, Breeding, And Upkeep Here Is Expert Advice In Non Technical Language Barrons Popular Line Of Pet Handbooksresembles Barrons Pet Owners Manuals Series, But Are Larger, Having Pages, Photos And Line Illustrations, And Detailed Advice And Information Pet Owners And Soon To Be Owners Will Find Reliable Information From Breeders, Veterinarians, And Pet Care Experts Presented In Easy To Follow, Handsomely Designed Volumes