Trailer  The Gourmet Cookbook: More than 1000 recipes (now with DVD) PDF by Û Ruth Reichl

Trailer  The Gourmet Cookbook: More than 1000 recipes (now with DVD) PDF by Û Ruth Reichl An interesting concept Gourmet magazine s greatest hits among recipes put together in a large compendium recipes end on page 935 There is also a DVD that features the author s cooking techniques and some recipes There are some nice features to this work, including Tips and Techniques e.
, using salt and pepper, toasting spices, and handling chiles , a glossary with a variety of chiles, fleur de sel, miso, truffle oil , and where to get certain ingredients and cooking supplies e.
, where would you go to get buffalo or Thai basil But, of course, the heart of the book is its recipes.
The team involved in preparing this book had the following purpose and method Page xii The concept was straightforward we would look thro0ugh all the recipes we had ever published, select the best, and retest them Then we would gather the cream of the crop into a book I would note that some of these recipes are such that I will not try them e.
, difficult cooking techniques or difficulty in finding key ingredients , but a large number of these are accessible to people who enjoy cooking their own meals As such, this is a repository of recipes that are apt to be tastier and lusher than those from my beloved copy of The Joy of Cooking On the other hand, recipes are often taxing on the amateur than are those in Joy As they say, a tradeoff Nonetheless, many, many of these recipes are quite doable The book is divided into a number of sections Hors d ouevres and first courses, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches and pizzas, Pasta and noodles and dumplings , Grains and beans, Poultry, Beef and weal and pork and lamb , Breads and crackers, Breakfast and brunch, Cookies bars and confections , Cakes, Pies tarts and pastries , Fruit desserts, Puddings and custards, mousses, and souffl s , Frozen desserts and sweet sauces, Sauces and salsas, Relishes and chutneys and pickles and preserves , and Basics One of the nice things is the recognition in this volume of Americans changing tastes For instance, salsa is relatively recent in Gourmet By going over decades of recipes, one gets a sense of the changing nature of American tastes.
A word about Basics, the past set of recipes in this work Here, we see how to create the fundamental elements in cooking, such as stocks chicken, beef, veal, fish, and vegetable , herbes de Provence their recipe doesn t include lavender, but it would be easy enough to add , garam masala, and clarified butter I have recently discovered how easy this is to make and what a difference it makes.
There are so many worthy recipes that it makes little sense to try to enumerate some favorites or ones that I intend to make However, perusing these makes it clear that while some will be challenging for the amateur cook, others are quite within the reach of such an audience with the promise of some great tasting dishes Anyhow, a fine resource and one that I will be using in tandem with a precious few of my cookbooks that are workhorses in my kitchen library I want to write this on the day that I found out that Gourmet was going to close down My only complaint about this cookbook is that the color they chose for the recipe titles is so hard to read that it really compromises the utility of the cookbook, but the recipes are outstanding, and this is a general cookbook that would be an excellent cookbook if you only had two or three with the Joy of Cooking, and How to Cook Everything, as well as the Cook s Illustrated cookbook, you would be able to cook enough variety and be modern enough to manage I think Ruth Reichl has made good cooking available to everyone, and she has spread the word about good food and good food preparation her while adult life Gourmet was lucky to have her, and I am sad to see the magazine go down This cookbook is full of recipes that are clearly a step up from the general cookbook of the past and represent what the magazine meant for the 60 years of its existence.
This is a great cookbook but THERE ARE NO PICTURES I know they were probably trying to save money and all that, but what s a cookbook without the dream that you can create the beautiful art in front of you

Even though this cookbook has no pictures, it is probably my favorite cookbook that I ve ever tried from the library It was good enough to buy There s like a thousand recipes in it and I want to make every single one of them.
What a treasure this book is Found many recipes and some of them are even kosher foods Working at a bakery this cookbook has showed me new techniques in preparing my Zomick s Challah There are variety of recipes taken from different cuisine Mediterranean, Asian, African and also French and Italian Most of the recipes I ve tried are good but not great, but it has so much to offer and I wouldn t be surprised if there are some extraordinary recipes in it Zomick s Challah Pretty much everything in here is a winner Mark Bittman s Still the book I reach for time and time again I m nowhere near an advanced cook, but I do love food and to make somewhat interesting food in the kitchen, so this is the perfect day to day resource I normally like having photographs with my cookbooks for inspiration, but I honestly don t even miss it in this one The recipes are so good and so concisely yet enticingly written that I don t even miss them Wellnot much, anyway.
For The Past Six Decades, Gourmet Magazine Has Shaped The Tastes Of America, Publishing The Best Work Of The Foremost Names In The World Of Food To Create This Landmark Cookbook, Editor In Chief And Celebrated Authority Ruth Reichl And Her Staff Sifted Through Than , Recipes Many Were Developed Exclusively For Gourmet S Test Kitchens Others Came From Renowned Food Writers And Chefs And From The Magazine S Far Flung Readers Then The Editors Embarked On An Extraordinary Series Of Cook Offs To Find The Most Unforgettable Dishes, Testing And Retesting Each One To Ensure Impeccable Results This Collection, The Only One Of Its Kind, Spans A Vast Range Of Cultures And Cuisines With It, You Can Go Back To The Time When Beef Wellington Ruled The Table Or Prepare Something As Contemporary As Crispy Artichoke Flowers With Salsa Verde And Whether You Re Cooking A Simple Supper For Two Or Throwing A Cocktail Party For Fifty, You Ll Make Every Dish With Flavor And Flair Using The Gourmet Cookbook It Includes Hors D Oeuvres, Dips, Chips, P T S, And First Courses Exciting Vegetable Dishes Than In All Using Everything From Artichokes To Yuca Versatile Recipes For Every Available Kind Of Seafood, With Many Suggested Substitutes Hundreds Of Simple But Exceptional Dinners Festive Dishes For Every Occasion, Including A Perfect Roast Turkey With Stuffings, The Ultimate Standing Rib Roast, And Even A Gorgeous But Easy Wedding Cake Definitive Versions Of All The Classics, From Chicken Kiev To Crcme Brul E And From Bouillabaisse To Pad Thai Than Pastas And Risottos, From Quick Everyday Meals To Party Dishes Scores Of Soups, Salads, Breakfast Dishes, And Sandwiches, Including The Editors All Time Favorite Pizza A Wealth Of Sauces And Salsas, To Transform Ordinary Meals Into Spectacular Ones Than Desserts Cookies, Pies, Tarts, Pastries, Buckles, Crumbles, Ice Creams, Puddings, Mousses, And Cakes Galore, Including Cheesecakes And The Nine Best Chocolate Cake Recipes Gourmet Has Ever Published With Engaging Introductions To Each Chapter By Ruth Reichl, Entertaining Headnotes, Indispensable Information About Ingredients And Techniques, Hundreds Of Tips From Gourmet S Test Kitchens, And An Extensive Glossary, The Gourmet Cookbook Is The Essential Kitchen Companion For Anyone Who Wants One Of A Kind Recipes And Spectacular Results Every Time Love it Recipe s are clear with fabulous results Note cookie and cake recipes are not as consistent but I have still given in 5 stars as the desert section is small and the remaining recipes than make up for it.
This is an exhaustive collection of recipes from the Gourmet archives While there are countless basics there are also elaborate recipes Until I got my America s Test Kitchen cookbook, this was my go to for everything I have recently been consulting it again and it is truly a fantastic, all around kitchen resource for the home chef Best suited to those who enjoy creativity and labor in the kitchen.