Trailer É The Hamster Handbook PDF by ✓ Patricia Bartlett

Trailer É The Hamster Handbook PDF by ✓ Patricia Bartlett I was frustrated with trying to find a good hamster guide which wasn t aimed at very young children I wanted an informative interesting book, and this is definitely a good guide which is written for adults The authors get a good balance between having plenty of text to read and lots of lovely colour photographs It covers everything from a brief history to nutrition, housing, toys etcThe reason I chose this book is that it contains lots of practical ideas of DIY ideas not usually found in other books The author goes out of her way to explain lots of different ways to keep your hamster and your kids entertained by encouraging readers how to make their own toys, hanging treats, bridges, ramps, platforms etc which gives you the confidence to try it rather than having to always buy the expensive commerical toys Another really good thing, is how she explains Cage Enrichment The book explains lots of simple ways to keep your hammies active and motivated, and compares it to how zoo keepers come up with new ways of keeping an environment stimulating There are lots of new ideas here even for owners who have kept hamster for years.
A huge benefit of this book, is that there a lots of detailed colour photographs on very page Another bonus is that the author doesn t just concentrate on thecommon Syrian or teddy bear hamster but also discusses each of the dwarf species individually so you can make an informed choice about which pet would be best for you It is well written for example even the could be boring history of the hamster is written in a lively way which is interesting to read There is an interesting section for people considering showing their hamsters or wanting to join a club forinformation.
The only negatives about the book, is that the author recommends quite small cage sizes, which from my own experience I have discovered is too small There are also a few references to the lab conditions hamster are kept in, which perhaps didn t need to be in there as the book is for loving pet owners.
But it is an interesting, informative book with lots of beautiful pictures If you don t mind not having photos, it would be also worth considering the Hamsterlopaedia guide which have evendetailed information about health care, breeding, showing etc which is my favourite refernce book designed specifically for adults It can be found here Hamsterlopaedia Titles In BES S Popular Series Of Pet Handbooks Present Comprehensive Information And Helpful Advice From Breeders, Veterinarians, And Other Pet Experts These Full Color books Instruct On Housing, Feeding, Healthcare, And In The Hamster Handbook, Hamster Lovers Will Find Advice For Both Children And Adults To Help Keep A Hamster Active And Healthy There is so much information in this book, it tells you everything that a hamster owner should know with out fluffing it up with jargon and trade terms It is a book that everyone, from an aspiring veternarian to a child, would enjoy It makes you an instant expert The best part about it is that it doesn t assume the reader is a seven year old kid prone to smashing his or her new pet It assumes that the reader has a thirst for knowledge not to say that it is too much for a child to understand Bartlett also includes some anecdotes and makes the book very fun and easy to get through It sorts through all the information on the internet and in other books and boils it down to what a new hamster owner needs to know and what they want to know It would be wise to save yourself the trouble and buy this book rather than look online for hamster information or bother with another book, I think that I can say very confidently that ANY OTHER HAMSTER BOOK IS A LIE This is one of the best hamster books I have ever read Full of scientific bits as well as good guidance,It is a good read Each page has a hamster picture on it and it gives good advice on hamster care Excluding where it recommends pine wood shavings Overall, this book is concise and long enough to document the hamster properly, even providing a full story of the discovery of the Syrian hamster Would highly recommend to any hamster breeder of hamster fanatic.

I was so lucky to come across this book It s deceptively small and thin because in fact, it is chock full of information on every single subject pertaining to hamsters It takes the basic tenets of any hamster care guide and expands on it tremendously You get a FULL history of hamsters, a FULL guide to nutrition and health, exercise, hamster language, breedingit even has information on showing your hamster and on hamster clubs and organizations This book has absolutely everything you will need to know You are mistaken if you think you can get through it in one sitting A very attractive factor also, is that the author has had tons of experience with making lots of tools habitats toys wheels breeding shelves herself, and gives you all the information you need to make your own She does not endorse any product or suggest you buy certain things the way other books do she will tell you what your hamster needs, andoften than not, she will tell you how to make them For example, you can make a hamster litterbox out of a juice box instead of buying an expensive one like I did.
MOST IMPORTANTLY it is very evident that the author LOVES hamsters She writes with affection, care and passion It was as though the book was written out of love She talks fondly and sweetly of her own hamsters she owns and breeds over 70 with her husband and really makes you feel okay for being hopelessly in love with your own hamster.
Oh, and, it s got the most adorable, beautiful hamster photographs you ve ever seen.
Buy this book, and you will never need another, or if you insist on buyingthan one, this is a must for your collection This Hamster Handbook is very similar in information and binding quality to Barron s Complete Owner s Manual Slightly redundant, but an essential guide for hamster owners Barron s is an excellent company that publishes quality pet owner s guides Their books on Golden Retrievers are also some of the best on the market The authors have much expertise in this pet and others, and do not hesitate to document it on the page.