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[ Read Online The Healing Power of Trees: Spiritual Journeys Through the Celtic Tree Calendar ò programming-languages PDF ] by Sharlyn Hidalgo ↠´ After an impromptu memory and subsequent journal entry regarding a Willow tree from my childhood, I searched for a book on tree symbolism and encountered this beautiful Hidalgo book I have since gifted it to many friends, who have expressed a similar synchronicity as I have found in the Celtic traditions and tree wisdom of the ages presented in these leaves.
From The Birch To The Willow, Sharlyn Hidalgo Invites You To Walk In The Footsteps Of The Druids And Enrich Your Life With The Sacred Power Of Trees This Wise And Inspiring Book Will Introduce You To All Fifteen Revered Trees Of The Celtic Tree Calendar And Their Unique Gifts Of Healing, Guidance, And Higher Consciousness Progress Through The Calendar In Sequence Or Choose A Particular Month To Cultivate A Relationship With These Majestic Spirits Of Nature Perform Guided Meditations And Go On Journeys To Discover The Totems, Guides, And Deities Corresponding To Each Species Travel Through The Wheel Of The Year And Learn About Each Tree S Astrology, Ruling Planets, Rune Symbol, And Ogham Its Letter Of The Celtic Tree Alphabet The Healing Power Of Trees Is Your Guide To Living The Principles Of The Celtic Tradition Tuning In To The Rhythms Of Nature, Respecting The Land, And Fulfilling Your Role As A Steward Of The Earth Includes Information On All Ogham Letters, Celtic Holidays, And How To Conduct A Tree Honoring Ceremony Must read book I m glad I made the choice to get this book A definite must have for your collection.
Sharlyn s book is beautiful not only the drawings of the trees, but also the healing, generous sharing of the historical and her personal truths I love the range of information, from meditations with the spirits of trees to how often to prune them I start my day with the meditation for the tree appropriate for that month As a result, each day, I feel a lovely, peaceful grounding, and a strong sense of oneness with the earth I have purchased this book for friends, who, like me, love trees and gardening and pressing their toes in the earth They love the book I want to thank the author for this lovely gift I m eagerly awaiting her next publication.
I find this book quite interesting I got it in time to do a group meditation just before Beltane All participants enjoyed it I just need to read a little slower and take breaks in the meditation I have always been drawn to the Celtic wonder if being a Scotswoman has anything to do with it and learning about their traditions I always thought the Rowan Tree was my tree based on something I read at one time, but according to this book it is the Hawthorne After reading about it, I find it fits me to a T Amazing how so many things tie together Astrology, Numberolgy, Human Design There is so much to learn about all of it and this book adds another dimension I recommend it for the seeker.

I loved this book and didn t expect to I bought three books together The Healing Code of Nature, The Path of Druidry and this book I liked this one best but all three gave me a totally different perspective on nature and trees I liked how this author weaved a story around each tree and included a meditation which helped me to remember them There was a very gentle, knowledgable and yet motherly energy granted the trees from this book I walked away feeling nurtured I would think each tree This is the one I need to focus on so would work with it and then the next tree would have me under its spell I want to buy a second copy though as I purchased a used copy of the celtic tree oracle and want to use this book as a reference.
This is a book to use as a guide, a reference and a planning tool for the year I love that it sticks to the Celtic traditions but is useful in any I have referred family members to this book and will use it over the course of the next year I would say that I love it 5 Star but at times the writer can be a bit airy fairy for my taste This was referred to me by a spiritual teacher that uses it a lot and I can totally see why Incredible info in this book Can t say enough