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[Danielle Dulsky] ✓ The Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman [french-literature PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ I have the pleasure of being a yoga student of the author Much like her classes, this book is an invite to go on a journey within yourself and use creative writing art as a medium and develop personal spiritual practices based on Dulsky s guidance I anxiously awaited the turn of each page to see how I could be enlightened and led to creative work through my digging of my lost feminine along with that of the Worlds Dulsky accomplishes explanation, with out heavy finger pointing blame, of the lost feminine in our society structures She creates an invitation to mythwork and practices offering wiggle room to claim a name for yourself or not, as she repeatedly states that you are unique The Holy Wild takes you on a head first deep dive into nature s Holy Wild elements while revealing the secrets of yourself, to yourself, spreading out into the world and the Ether Nature is our beacon home Highly recommended Let this provocative Creatrix entice you My artwork in the above photos were led through Dulsky s The Holy Wild.
I very much utilized the highlighting notes features of the Kindle Fire to copy paste prompts in the mythwork It was ideal for instantly capturing my thoughts as I read and helpful to return to and print out.
Ode To Our Wild Feminine Souls This Provocative Book Invites You To Create Your Own Spiritual Path Based On Often Suppressed Ancient Principles And Contemporary Practices Using The Elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether Rather Than Traditional Patriarchal Hierarchies, This Holy Book Is Designed To Connect Each Individual To Their Universal But Often Denied Powers Wild Woman Danielle Dulsky Takes You Deep As She Explores And Embraces Sacred Feminine Archetypes Such As The Mother Goddess, The Crone, And The Maiden Join Her As She Guides You To Envision And Explore A World That Enriches And Supports Your Spirit, Body, And Mind As Well As Our Global Community And The Earth First Class Witchery Daniel Dulskys book takes you on a brilliant Red Thread Journey through the Elementals via sub chapters on Verses lovelovelove , Rituals Magick, all of which beckons the Witch fully unto herself and into the Deep Well of the Feminine Divine The Feminist in me, also loves that she makes liberal use of Naming, Looking, Reclaiming and Re visioning as well There are Goddesses and Archetypes to work with, each with a Feminist re visioning and retelling which will having you see the world differently The accompanying exercises are compelling, and you won t stop thinking about them till you do them I did them ALL something I am rarely motivated to do As a seasoned Witch, I pick up these witchery books never expect much, but this one is different The prompts are very inspired obviously written by someone who knows what she is doing The activities are well thought out and experiential You will FEEL the many many women who have done this before It definitely sparks one owns imagination in ways that go well off the page As an Adept, you ll know exactly what to do with these ideas, and how to use it to take off As a beginner, you will be in for one heck of a deep dive Get the book Review from Jaclyn Cherie, Creatrix of The Nephilim Rising In Danielle s second book she brings the reader into the deep forest, and deepest parts of our Pysche guiding us each step of the way.
This is a book that is an elemental journey through Earth, Air, Fire, Water and, often forgotten, Ether with poetry, prose, war cries and ritual, Danielle delivers to her a reader a book that is a complete journey through what we have been conditioned to believe and be, and how to uncondition ourselves with her primal words of wisdom Danielle helps us rebirth ourselves as what we were always meant to be wild.
As I said in my review on Goodreads, this book is a balm for the Wild Woman s Soul and for anyone who hears the call of the wild and doesn t know where to start this book is not only a perfect starting point, it s the ultimate destination.
Page by page you will find your voice and by the end, you will be howling.

In her book, The Holy Wild, A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman, Danielle Dulsky has accomplished a wondrous feat She has formed an actual working manual for any woman ready to discard her old life she has outgrown and is ready to live an authentic life true of her current desires and needs.
It has shaken me to my bones times than I count as I, myself, am in that phase of life, having outgrown my job and the need to oblige to family expectations I believe this book comes at a time when many women find themselves in similar places.
Danielle somehow includes all of us and invites us into a journey of our own making We understand the true light and dark of the Goddesses and ourselves We see how we too are goddesses because of what is already in us, as we relate to their stories And, we find the story within ourselves that we never knew was there, through the writing prompts she shares There are powerful rituals to cement phases of our journeys deep within our bodies, because without feeling it in our bodies, sometimes it doesn t seem real.
This book can be used as a guide for years to come at various stages of a woman s life and truly is a miracle.
I really wanted to like this book Everything about it had me excited but when I sat down to read it I was disappointed The author tries really hard, maybe actually that might be the problem, maybe she tries too hard She uses beautiful language and the subject matter is right up my alley but none of it flows From the beginning it seems to fumble and bounce around The focus seems to be on using dramatic language and subject matter rather than the ease of which the story can be read It should be spellbinding but instead it seems forced It was a valiant effort but I just wasn t impressed which I hate to say because I follow the author on Instagram and was so excited to read it.