Download Epub Format Í The Horses Know (The Horses Know Trilogy Book 1) PDF by Ñ Lynn Mann

Download Epub Format Í The Horses Know (The Horses Know Trilogy Book 1) PDF by Ñ Lynn Mann I bought this after a friend s recommendation and I am completely blown away by the story I have been lucky enough to be around horses for most of my life, although I don t ride much I just love being with my horses But Lynn Mann has opened my eyes to a much higher level of horse and human communication Although this book is classed as fantasy genre, I suggest that there is a lot of truth and endless possibilities within the text You must read it Your horses will thank you for it.
I bought this book knowing it was a triology but wanted to read this first Yes, I have now bought the other 2 books and am very happy to recommend it Without giving too much away it is a fascinating read with the story of the horse bonding running along side the story of deeper meaning and connection to all things Looking forward to the next book in the triology.
Absolutely beautiful book This is precisely what I am trying to achieve with my own horses, this kind of deep spiritual bond, listening to them and understanding their knowledge and love This book is very well written, and the author gets the feeling across so well You can read it purely as a fantasy story if you wish or you can read it with an open heart and mind, knowing that your own horse is just waiting for you to realise that such a deep bond is possible.
I bought this book as a Christmas present for my sister Keren Morris who is also a horse lover and writer What she said about this book was I absolutely loved this book I don t read much I find I just don t have the time, but I read this book in a matter of days as I just couldn t put it down The story is so beautiful and very profound The over arching tale was a joy to read, but there are many layers to it and I found the whole thing truly inspiring and thought provoking In truth, it was wonderful nourishment for my soul Thank you Lynn.
An excellent book which I highly recommend One doesn t have to be horse mad to enjoy it A thought provoking storyline A Piebald Mare Her Chosen Person A Bond With The Power To Change EverythingThe Human Race Has All But Destroyed Itself And Those Who Remain Know That They Must Avoid Repeating The Mistakes Of Their Ancestors But Its Extremely Difficult Without Horses, It Would Be Impossible Amarilla Is One Of Those Chosen By A Horse As A Bond Partner She Looks Forward To A Lifetime Of Learning From Her Horse And Of Passing On The Mares Wisdom To Those Seeking Help But Then She Discovers That She Is The One For Whom The Horses Have All Been Waiting The One Who Can Help Them In ReturnIn Order To Give The Horses The Help They Need, Amarilla Will Have To Achieve That Which Has Never Been Attempted Before Only Her Beloved Mare Can Give Her The Motivation, The Courage And The Strength To Believe She Can Succeed If She Does, A New Era Will Dawn For Horses And Humans AlikeThe Horses Know Is The First Book Of The Horses Know Trilogy If You Love Horses And Know There Is To Them Than Meets The Eye, This Novel Is For You