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[ Read Online The Illustrated History of Firearms: In Association with the National Firearms Museum ç animals PDF ] by Jim Supica é My husband is really enjoying this.
Great reference book I love it One of my favorites This Significant Tome, With Over Photographs, Covers The Subject Of Portable Firearms From Muskets To Machineguns From Dueling Pistols To Glocks From Derringers To Elephant Guns Compiled By The Expert Staff Of The NRA National Firearms Museum, Whose Hands On Knowledge And Skill Comes Over In Text And Captions, The Illustrated History Of Firearms Provides A Visual Reference Book To Grace Any Aficionado S Library It Is Easy To Forget Just How Long Humans Have Used Firearms Early Cannons Were First Used In Europe In The th Century And By Around , Hand Cannons Or Hand Gonnes Had Been Developed From Then On, Handguns And Firearms Have Steadily Developed By The Early s, Matchlocks Were Introduced In The Early s, The Wheellock Flintlocks Came In The Late th Century, Then Rifling, The Percussion Cap, Repeaters, Smokeless Powders, Auto Loaders, Automatic FirearmsToday, Firearms Development Continues Apace Handguns, And Revolvers In Particular, Have Seen The Development Of And Powerful Ammunition New Materials Other Than Traditional Blue Steel And Wood Have Seen The Development Of Plastic Guns Like The Glock Making Use Of Synthetic Materials Which Are Lightweight And Less Affected By Environmental Extremes Options For Aiming Firearms Have Also Expanded Dramatically Over The Past Years Electronic Red Dot Sights, Glow In The Dark Night Sights, Ultra Compact Laser Aiming Systems, And Even Night Vision Scopes Systems That Were Hitherto The Preserve Of The Police Or Armed Forces Have Been Incorporated On Firearms Available To The PublicThe Main Use Of Firearms Has Also Changed Over The Years While Hunting, Self Defense And Military Use Still Predominate, The Sporting And Recreational Use Of Firearms Is A Significant Worldwide Factor In Firearms Ownership In Particular In The United States Where The National Rifle Association Has Ensured That The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed I purchased two of these books for gifts Both parties loved this book and also ordered copies for their friends Book is full color printed on quality paper and hard bound covered I would recommend this book for anyone that hunts and or shoots guns.
Mostly a picture book If you are looking to learn details, not for you Great for younger people though.
I really wish I could give this book 5 stars, because the information and the photos are fascinating However, I m only about 35 pages into it and have found numerous typographical and layout errors without even trying Not only is this annoying and distracting, it just shows shoddy workmanship For example, war of 1912, instead of 1812, on page 34, and the word immediate on its own line at the top of a column on page 36 My favorite is an approximately 5x7 image that s pixelated because of low resolution on page 21 What were they thinking I could go on, but you get the idea.
Please don t get me wrong as I said, I enjoy the book overall, and would still buy it I m not trying to nitpick, but the aforementioned errors and many that I didn t mention are so amateurish and careless that they just detract from the overall quality of the book.
Update 4 16 12 Yet another serious error I m no gun expert, but they have a gun listed on page 232, number 3, as a Bren Ten 10mm semi auto pistol, but the image for it is in fact the Webley Fosbery Automatic Revolver same exact image as on page 224, where it is correctly labeled as the Webley Fosbery C mon guys You can do better than that I hope that you can fix all of these errors, and others that I haven t discovered, since I m not actively looking for them, in a second edition.
Very enjoyable book but like all books that try to cover everything, it can t be done in a single volume Still, a very worthwhile add to the collection.
Beginning with a European hand cannon, circa 1350, and Matchlock muskets used by Colonial militia units in the late 16th century Italian, French and German Wheellock muskets, pistols and rifles, Doglocks, Flintlocks some plain and some highly decorated, these and hundreds of others are shown in color plates and described in some differentiating detail The American Longrifle was produced until the Civil War and numerous other military, police, and hunting rifles, revolvers, pistols, and semiautomatic firearms have been produced around the world to this day The Illustrated History of Firearms depicts this development over time using color plates and descriptive text for over 1500 firearms from the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, VA Excellent color pictures and concise descriptions make this volume an excellent addition to any firearm enthusiast s library Good introductory material for the novice, yet interesting details for experienced collectors and shooters alike.

I bought this book and also 100 Greatest Firearms for my father in law who s both a history and gun buff Great pictures and the book came in pretty good shape It s like a visit to a gun museum The cover was intact with just a little dogging of the corner and back side fold was off but I really think that was due to how the mail handled it It was wrapped VERY nicely with good quality box, high quality tape and even had padding inside Further, it was shipped with a fragile label The seller really could not have been meticulous Thanks so much for the TLC, I would recommend this seller.
Purchased this book for my husband for Valentine s Day, and he loved it Something he will have forever It s a very nice, heavy hard back book with a slipcover.