á The Laws of Trading: A Trader's Guide to Better Decision-Making for Everyone ☆ Download by ☆ Agustin Lebron

á The Laws of Trading: A Trader's Guide to Better Decision-Making for Everyone ☆ Download by ☆ Agustin Lebron It s very fun to read Having said that it will not make you a successful trader It may make you a better trader.
This book is one of those rare books that manages to enlighten, inform and advise I was worried that it was going to be a book by a Wall street insider intended for other Wall street insiders, but I was delighted to find just the opposite Lebron breaks down trading in to a series of laws that are applicable in all sorts of useful ways What he ultimately concludes is that trading is distilled decision making Since we all make thousands of decisions a day, it is enlightening to think about how the learnings of market trading can be generally applied to personal decision making I found myself thinking about these ideas in my personal decisions and especially in decisions I make at work Aside from people interested in the world of trading and finance, I d certainly recommend this book to business leaders and management leaders in any field I am an engineering director myself and found this book super useful The breakdown of the book in to laws made it an easily digestible and fun read Recommended Every Decision Is A Trade Learn To Think About The Ones You Should Do And The Ones You Shouldnt Trading books Generally Break Down Into Two Categories The Ones Which Claim To Teach You How To Make Money Trading, And The Memoir Style books Recounting Scandals And Bad Behavior But The Former Don T Have Profitable Trades To Teach If They Did They D Keep Those Trades To Themselves And The Latter Are Frequently Entertaining, But They Don T Leave You With Much You Can Apply In Your Own Life The Laws Of Trading Is Different All Of Our Relationships And Decisions Involve Trading At Some Level This Is A Book Aboutdecision Making Through The Lens Of A Professional Prop Trader For Years, Behavioral And Cognitive Scientists Have Shown Us How Human Decision Making Is Flawed And Biased But How Do You Learn To Avoid These Problems In Day To Day Decisions Where You Have To React In Real Time What Are The Important Things To Think About And To Act On The World Needs A Book By A Prop Trader Who Has Lived, Breathed And Taught Trading For A Living,drawing Upon Years Of Insights On The Trading Floor In Real Markets, Good And Bad, Whether Going Sideways, Crashing, Or Bubbling Over If You Can Master The Decision Making Skills Needed To Profitably Trade In Modern Markets, You Can Master Decision Making In All Walks Of Life This Book Will Teach You Exactly Those Skills Introduces, Develops, And Applies One Law Per Chapter, Making It Easy Not Only To Remember Useful Concepts, But Also To Have Them At The Ready In Any Situation Shows You How To Find And Think About The Special Edge Of Your Organization, And Yourself Teaches You How To Handle The Interaction Of People With Artificially Intelligent AI Machines That Make Decisions, A Skill That Is Rapidly Becoming Essential In The AI Driven Economy Of The Future Includes A Bonus Digital Ancillary, AnExcel Spreadsheet With Various Worked Examples That Expand On The Scenarios Described In The Book Do You Need To Make Rational Decisions In A Competitive Environment Almost Everyone Does This Book Will Teach You The Tools That Let You Do Your Job Better I was a little put off by the cover reviews that said this book will teach me how to think like a trader in ordinary life Most books that apply lessons of one field to another rely on limited understanding of one or both fields and stretched analogies I m glad I ignored these reviews and read the book anyway because I learned a lot, not so much about life but about trading I ve been trading for 25 years and every few pages I learned something either a new idea or a new framing of something I had previously considered.
Apart from certain technical publications, this is the best trading book I ve read in many years and one of the few that will be of most benefit to experienced people The only traders who haven t learned from this book are those that haven t yet read it.
The Laws of Trading presents a series of informative and well reasoned ways on how to think about different aspects of trading Agustin Lebron s insights provide a decision making framework relevant to many areas of life beyond the purely financial Each law is explained in a self contained chapter, which allows the reader to learn the laws through a series of convenient reading sessions The organized structure allows the reader to revisit a specific topic for future reference.
I thought the book would go into specific trading rules and strategies Very generic, you have probably read this somewhere else Disappointed.
Really enjoyed this book It gave me some interesting insight into the world of trading but also how my day to day life can be framed as trading Thinking about all sorts of decisions as a trade gives you a great way to try and improve those decisions I particularly enjoyed chapter 5 on edge and how important it is to get it right.
This book is a must read for anyone with a serious interest in trading but also delivers some great unexpected insights into important day to day decision making The principles are simple but there s also a wealth of information in concrete examples and stories that really add value to the reading It s a great read

It s very fun to read Having said that it will not make you a successful trader It may make you a better trader.
I have been interested in getting into trading for some time, so I purchased this book hoping to gain some insight into how to be successful I ended up getting so much Immediately in chapter one, I found myself evaluating everyday decisions differently Lebron s writing is so clear and convincing, when he encouraged introspection, I started evaluating my motivations at that point.
I made this purchase before a flight to Las Vegas Upon landing I checked into my room quickly so I could finish the final chapter I was surprised to find a book about trading that was such a page turner I could not put it down I made several trades when buying this book I exchanged money for knowledge I traded my reading time for understanding of financial decisions The trade ended up being a huge win for me, and Lebron gained as well Yet another trade where both sides win.
I highly encourage reading this book, whether you are interested in trading or not While it will give you a solid foundation to understand how markets actually work, it will also help you evaluate life decisions like buying a house, a car, insurance and even daily decisions like sleeping in 10 minutes, or eating that extra slice of pizza.