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[ Pdf The Lost Books of Merlyn: Druid Magic from the Age of Arthur  ghana PDF ] by Douglas Monroe ✓ Good book Good condition.
The follow up companion to The 21 Lessons of Merlyn , this book is a sincere attempt by the author to put down his personal philosophy, spiritual system and magical work Using questionable sources, the author comes to conclusions that are highly controversial and difficult to substantiate Much like its prequel, I recommend this book only as a work of fiction or as a way of separating the truth from the nonsense.
Become An Active Participant In Three Mythological Stories, Restored For Today S Reader From A Rare Th Century Druid Text A Grimoire Follows Each Story With Instructions On How To Reenact The Lessons And Replicate The Rituals These Grimoires Are The Next Best Thing To Viewing A Magician S Personal Book Of Shadows, Which Contains Knowledge Specially Reserved For A Chosen Apprentice I ll keep this brief and simple Douglas Monroe is grossly ignorant about almost everything he discusses in his books What he knows of genuine history, mythology, Celtic languages and customs, herbalism, treelore, archeology, etc wouldn t fill a thimble I m not talking about someone making an occasional mistake here Monroe gets almost everything he says about the ancient Druids wrong Yes, he plants a few lovely fantasies in the manure pile Yes, he proves once again that almost anything can be used to generate magical energy which is often mistaken by beginners for a spiritual experience if people really believe in it But Monroe s books are gynophobic, dishonest, New Age nonsense not authentic Druid spirituality The ancient Druids were the intellectuals of their tribes and they would not have accepted the idea that scholarship doesn t matter.
Readers wanting details can see the earlier reviews here by myself, Ian Corrigan, and other scholars Or visit the websites of adf.
org, keltria.
org, druidry.
org, or summerlands.
com You ll see that we often disagree with each other about details, but are united in our contempt for this con artist.
While historically I believe that Mr Monroe does not have much factual basis for his claims, I still applauded this book His use of Jungian psychology is the saving grace of this book It shows that even though 99.
9% of druidic knowledge was destroyed it still lives on as part of the universal subconscious As a student of history I was greatly pleased to not see fabricated BS that so often accompanies Llewellyn s books Things like the great holocaust in the 6th century he called it the destruction of Avalon As a magical system I feel that it works quite well I have assimilated it into my own workings and am absolutely in love with it For once, something that does not draw heavily from Gardner This book is a shining light among the filth I could not recommend this book or its predecessor any higher.
authors view of women is also very disturbing in the past book The Lost books of Merlyn makes up for this one by being historically accurate, however still biased and there are better book on druidism.
Better than his first but not worth time buying it.
I will not recommend this book because it still has questionable resources.
After studying Paganism for several years, I picked up this book about a year ago, looking to expand my knowledge of Druidism The book is a beautiful work of fiction if you can get past all the typos and grammar mistakes my friends call me the Grammar Nazi and even perhaps a great inspiration for adding to your Grimoirebut it s basically crap if you re looking for real information on Druidism Do NOT buy this expecting to learn a ton about Druidism It is no a reputable source on the path than Marion Zimmer Bradley s Mists of Avalon and far, far less entertaining than her books.

I ve been had Waste of good money Poor reading material What a load of old twt So disappointed oh well.
A modern day Druid goes to Merlyn s cave in Wales Journeys back in time to study with Merlyn.
Well written and unique approach Just started and would love others to join me to discuss where it leads us While Monroe has been criticized time and again we must take into consideration those doing the criticism Many of the same people who hate Doug are head over heels in love with New Age fluffs like Silver Ravenwolf and Edain McCoy Unlike many authors who begin their writing careers after only a few months of study, Monroe spent his whole life in Druidism and magick and THEN wrote these books Be careful not to be taken in my all the fancy cover art and marketing Doug Monroe is a master and an even better teacher Study this book, don t just read it It contains power than you can ever imagine