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[Jim Hrisoulas] Ê The Master Bladesmith: Advanced Studies in Steel [world-war-ii PDF] Ebook Epub Download à i don t know what this was but what it looked like was someone took pictures of the original book and pasted them into this also it is definitely NOT 200 pages long like 30 your than halfway through the book just looking at the chapter listings.
Husband very pleased with his gift.
Great book if your after new techniques you hadn t even thought of Good book for the advanced smith who want to know than punching bending twisting and grinding, look for the cheaper books as some of the prices listed are steep It s as it says advanced Not a good book for beginners but great for existing blade makers and associated trades.
Un excellent livre sur les techniques propres aux travail chaud des m taux pour la fabrication d p es m di vales Tr s satisfait

Great book for intermediate bladesmith.
I highly recommand all books written by Jim HrisoulasAs the title says, gets deeper into heat treating and studying steel.
good book repeats some info from his beginners book, that s fine, which makes it a stand alone manual informative and easy to understand I recommend it It s not really for the beginner though.
Unfortunately, this book is not worth the money at least not the Kindle version Very short, and mostly outdated All the information in this book can be found for free on the Google or the Youtube It reveals no secrets The physical book may be better, but the Kindle version is a major disappointment Would not recommend, The second of three knifemaking books by Jim Hrisoulas The first book The Complete Bladesmith, is excellent for the beginner to intermediate forger This second book is in depth, and written for those that need knowledge in the field that will not be found elsewhere The book is for the intermediate student, to the advanced master of the blade Again, Jim gives his expertise and knowledge openly to the practitioner, who wants to make knifemaking a serious part of life For those interested in the production of swords, this book that has something to offer you This volume covers all aspects of the bladesmithing trade, including the varied techniques and details which can forge, what would otherwise be a plain knife, into a working piece of art Secrets, tips, tools, and techniques, are spelled out with the help of clear diagrams and explanations Helpful compound tables, plus formulas for the manufacturing of flux, quenching, and etching mediums, are all included in this comrehensive volume Jim also introduces the techniques for the creation of damascus steel in this volume Those interested in the manufacture of damascus steel will also find a source of study, in Jims latest book, The Pattern Welded Blade, which is strictly for the advanced forger that desires to create damascus and mosaic patterens, and who has worked through Jims first two books The books by Jim Hrisoulas are the best written in the field, and a most welcome addition to the forging knifemaker Nels Nelson This Advanced Study Of Steel Reveals Forging Secrets That For Centuries Have Been Protected By Guilds Never Before Seen Instructions, Diagrams And Photos Explain The Tricks Behind Using Japanese Mokume Gane, Differential Heat Treating, Power Hammers, And Other Techniques To Make Kukris, Wavy Blades, Spears And Swords That Bear The Master S Mark