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[ Read Online The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Plan and Cookbook: 101 Easy Anti-Inflammatory Recipes ✓ autobiography PDF ] by Noelle DeSantis MS RD CDN ë I want to thank NetGalley and Callisto Media for sending this to me in ebook format in exchange for an honest review.
I have a rare spinal cord disease called syringomyelia, which is a cousin to MS, they share many symptoms I live with chronic pain and have had several spinal cord surgeries So I am always looking for things I can do to manage and decrease my pain and improve my quality of life A good diet is always a good place to start when managing your health.
If you have researched a healthy diet plan, you will find yourself overwhelmed pretty fast, at least that s how I felt Then I found this book, and everything changed.
I love the layout of information, meal plans, and recipes It is easy to follow and understand The author even explains why each food is beneficial The recipes are delicious and there are a wide variety of foods to choose from.
I also love the 4 week meal plan This makes it so easy for someone, like myself, who is new to this, to be successful in changing eating habits I had never been someone who considered the benefits of eating a certain way, then I got sick and realized how it could help me, as well as, my family.
I bought a physical copy and I ve shared it with several people who have also been impressed with the book It has bright, beautiful photos and an easy to read layout.
I haven t fully implemented the plan yet because of the holidays, so I can t personally speak to any improvements in how I feel, but I can say that I highly recommend this book to everyone looking to improve their health.
When you live with inflammation, chronic pain, and or an illness, it is the things we put in our bodies that can make a huge difference in what we get out of our bodies and this book holds the key to get you started.
I have MS and was a patient of Noelle s She was extremely helpful as is her book.
I have MS but it does not have me This is one of the best cookbook meal planning books I have ever read for people having MS Super thorough and easy to follow Highly recommend

I have MS great book you can learn a lot I haven t tried any recipes yet my mom liked it so much I had to order one for herFrom the smoothie to desert all the recipe look way to make Help a friend who has MS also delivery for US Mail is excellent.
This was for a family member who needed this book They liked it and are using it.
The recipes are very simple and easy to follow yet very tasty We have been using these 3 4 times a week and have noticed a little difference in MS symptoms My whole family has really been enjoying the change and certainly this is focused on a healthier diet The new planner is very nice and helpful as well.
100 Anti Inflammatory Recipes For Taking A Dietary Approach To Managing MSWhether You Have Multiple Sclerosis Or Care For Someone Who Does, Proper Nutrition Can Be An Effective Way To Defend Against Symptoms And Raise Ones Quality Of Life A Dietary Guide, Cookbook, And Meal Plan In One, The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Plan And Cookbook Is A Simple, Sustainable, Holistic Approach To A Complex And Unpredictable Condition It Is An Organic Method Of Fighting An Autoimmune Disease At Its Rootsuppressing Inflammation.
This Simple 4 Week Meal Plan Will Teach You How To Adjust To A New, But Delightful Way Of Eating, Removing Substances From Your Diet That Can Potentially Exacerbate Symptoms The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Plan And Cookbook Is A Comprehensive Solution Filled With Everything From Sleep Advice, To Habit Building, To Emotional Advice That Seeks To Improve Your Overall Wellness.
The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Plan And Cookbook Includes Family InclusiveThese Delicious Dishes, Including Baked Sweet Potato Wedges And Superfood Salad Are Healthy For The Whole Family And Wont Require Making Separate Meals.
Cost Conscious TreatmentFilled With Practical, Easy To Prepare Meals That Are Not Too Exotic Or Pricey.
Find PeaceEmploy Lifestyle Tipsincluding Exercise, Mindfulness Meditation Practices, And Stress Reduction.
If You Have Been Looking For A Delicious Dietary And Life Management Approach To Multiple Sclerosis, Try The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Plan And Cookbook.