Download Epub Format ☆ The New Case for Gold (Audible Audio Edition): James Rickards, James Rickards, Penguin Audio: PDF by ↠´ James Rickards

Download Epub Format ☆ The New Case for Gold (Audible Audio Edition): James Rickards, James Rickards, Penguin Audio: PDF by ↠´ James Rickards From The Best Selling Author Of Currency Wars And The Death Of Money Comes A Short, Provocative Argument For The Enduring Value Of Gold James Rickards Is The Most Visible, Vocal, And Intelligent Proponent For The Gold Standard Today, And His Unwavering Stance On Gold S Value Has Drawn Him Hordes Of Lifelong Fans In The New Case For Gold, Rickards Explains Why Gold Is One Of The Safest Assets For Investors In Times Of Political Instability And Market Volatility And How Every Investor Should Look To Add Gold To His Or Her Portfolio He Draws On Historical Case Studies, Monetary Theory, And Personal Experience As An Investor To Argue That Gold Should Be A Part Of Any Prudent Investor S Portfolio And He Provides Tools And Mental Models For How Investors Can Make The Case For Gold To The Skeptics In Their Lives A Must Listen For Any Fan Of Ron Paul S End The Fed Or Rickards Previous Works If you have read other books by this author the book is quite a re run of previously argued points.
This book is an analysis of the modern gold bullion market Rickards explains the present day situation in rather graphic detail He examines the prevailing financial strategies of The Federal Reserve, Russia, China, the IMF, Wall Street banks, the European countries, and many other smaller players Rickards also gives examples of other international currency upheavals throughout the 20th Century The reader will find most of the details quite interesting Throughout the book, Rickards explains how the current financial situation may or may not, affect the gold bullion market He recommends, that investors apply ten percent of their portiflio into physical gold holdings In Rickards opinion, gold ownership is a safe haven insurance policy This book is a very short read I believe historical background information, would have been appreciated Almost all governments past and present, have devalued their own money supply Society s preference for either hard or soft money have throughout the ages, swung back and forth Readers looking for a broader prespective on the history gold and money, will have to look elsewhere.

Interesting theory Makes a good case for fundamental changes in the financial system No one in the financial power zone will listen They are too busy partying on until they hit the iceberg JAMES PROMISING HERE UNREALISTICK FUTURE HE MAY BE WHAT HE SAY HE IS, BUT HIS PREDICTIONS ARE FAR FROM REALITY If people take seriously his recommendation they can be seriously financially hurt.