Trailer ¹ The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss (Audible Audio Edition): Dr. Jason Fung, Brian Nishii, Audible Studios: PDF by ✓ Dr. Jason Fung

Trailer ¹ The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss (Audible Audio Edition): Dr. Jason Fung, Brian Nishii, Audible Studios: PDF by ✓ Dr. Jason Fung Really good read.
I couldn t put the cake down.
I mean book.
The book.
This book has been a revelation I ve been recommending it to everyone I know who is dealing with chronic health issues Not only have I lost weight using the principles of IF as outlined by Dr Fung, but I ve improved my mood and cognition as well My doctor is fully on board Cutting edge, innovative, and wonderfully easy to implement into even the busiest of lifestyles My heartfelt thanks to you, Dr Fung.
Easy to read, seemingly well founded conclusions on obesity issues This book was a recommended read from my Doctor as a hail Mary as I was starting the dance into type II diabetes Dr Fung dissected most of the diet schemes and strategies and provided strong evidence through scientific studies as to what worked, what didn t work, and why.
So far, so good Moderate weight loss and the start of the lifting of the fog associated with too much weight and the lack of well being Knowing the real reason why Dr Fung and some other diet programmes waived off so called diet drinks and snacks will help in avoiding that trap as well It never made any sense to me why zero calorie, artificially sweetened, foods should be as off limits as regular full sugar products like most others, I was convinced that as long as calories in were less than calories out as per the Eat less, move strategy , I would have control of my weight Dr Fung demonstrates why even this concept has its limitations.
Of course this book will not be endorsed by any of the diet companies who sell perpetual products and services There is no money to be made by them or Big Food with Dr Fung s advice for those who read his book and take heed, likely a healthier, longer life.
I was never one to pay too much attention to what I ate With all the different diets and other misinformation that we are constantly being assaulted with, I or less took the approach of Don t eat too much and do exercise This approach made me technically obese I m not really, but my BMI says I am I can also lift a small car so I have a lot of muscle mass, but I also carry too much fat.
What makes this book difference is the Fung differentiates between clinical studies that show how to lose weight, and speculation on things that may help you lose weight He is also able to back his stance with real world examples He is a true scientist, a skeptic, and I love that His information is based on the best scientific studies available There is no woo here No 10 secrets to weight loss.
As others have said, we have been lied to about what to eat for the last four or five decades It is tragic and it has made us fat Bacon and eggs yes, skip the potatoes and toast please This book was easy to understand and well laid out It is interesting that we have known all along how to eat to stay healthy, but the medical establishment has often ignored the obvious in pursuit of a magic formula Thanks to Dr Fung for breaking the obesity code

This book turns dieting on its head It makes so much sense Life changing.
A must read for anyone who struggles with weight and feels guilty about failing Dr Fung explains why current diet models fail and how to fix this problem His arguments are logical, based on SOUND research lots of medical scientific language but easy enough to follow Wow, this book It s changing how I feed myself and my family, immediately, permanently.
Very impressed with how Dr Fung was able to make complicated things quite simple I have no background in biology, but i read this cover to cover in two days I don t know how he made non fiction with no protagonist into a page turner but he did I m writing this review 18 months after reading the book because after this time I can conclude that it s been life changing.
On the book itself, I d say it was a fascinating and compelling read Fung clearly explains quite complicated physiological mechanisms and provides evidence that I found very convincing with one exception 18 months on, the bits that have stuck are not the complicated issues but simply 1 My body, and especially my liver, needs a regular rest from eating and from the constant blood insulin levels that frequent eating produces.
2 I m probably stuck with whatever level of insulin resistance and consequent stored fat that developed through my adult life I m over 60 but I can help prevent further damage.
3 I shouldn t feel hungry when I fast intermittently This was the life changer for me because I found it s true.
4 Try to avoid discussing your intermittent diet regime with family and friends They will simply go on and on with the usual uniformed diet rubbish that I used to believe myself.
The one exception in terms of evidence, was the value of cider vinegar I wasn t convinced by Fung s evidence, so I haven t tried it.
So, how has the book changed my life I haven t lost much weight but nor have I really tried to I have lost about 6 pounds over 18 months but importantly this is against a history of putting on a pound or 2 every year What I have done is put breakfast back to 7pm or later every day I only consume water or black coffee tea up to that time And the magic part is that I don t feel hungry even when sitting with others who are eating scrumptious meals So, it doesn t require any willpower If it did, I couldn t have sustained it I still feel amazed and empowered every day when I realise that I haven t eaten for 19 21 hours and I don t feel hungry As Fung points out its easy and its free In May this this year my diet was put to a pretty tough test I cycled the North Coast 500 over 9 days This is a challenging and hilly route, averaging about 57 miles day I didn t expect to stick to my fasting regime but over 15,00 miles of training in 11 weeks before the trip 60 85 mile days I discovered that it was not a problem I added calorie free electrolyte replacement to my water bottles and never experienced dips in energy due to low blood sugar With that now behind me I am as confident as I can be that I won t need or want to change my eating pattern in future.
This book gave me a basis for trying something that flew in the face of a received wisdom that had me trapped in a cycle of eating and craving, which seems to be the common experience of almost everyone I know I would strongly recommend it as a serious contribution to better understanding of the effects of diet on insulin release and the effects of excessive insulin release on long term health.
I am a family doctor who has read every book I could get my hands on about dieting, weight loss and nutrition I am fascinated by it and having struggled genetic make up in this regard a bit challenging for me myself to keep weight down, it was always a big frustration not understanding WHY it does not stay down, despite best efforts This book explains it all beautifully It is the best and most motivating book I have read on the topic It works Apply it it will be worth your effort and a little bit of deprivation It gives hope one starts feeling that there is no method that will keep the weight down as we have all hit those plateaus where nothing wants to happen never mind what you do This book said No way There is a way Thank you and thank you a thousand times Great sense of humor, Dr Fung.
Everything You Believe About How To Lose Weight Is Wrong Weight Gain And Obesity Are Driven By Hormones In Everyone And Only By Understanding The Effects Of Insulin And Insulin Resistance Can We Achieve Lasting Weight Loss In This Highly Listenable And Provocative Book, Dr Jason Fung Sets Out An original, Robust Theory Of Obesity That Provides Startling Insights Into Proper Nutrition In Addition To His Five Basic Steps A Set Of Lifelong Habits That Will Improve Your Health And Control Your Insulin Levels Dr Fung Explains How To Use Intermittent Fasting To Break The Cycle Of Insulin Resistance And Reach A Healthy Weight For Good PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your Library Section Along With The Audio.