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[ Read Online The Official Price Guide to Vintage Fashion and Fabrics × labor PDF ] by Pamela Smith × Within The World Of Vintage Fashion And Fabrics, The Knowledgeable Collector Reigns Supreme Here Guru Pamela Smith Offers Her Years Of Expertise As An Industry Insider From The Elegant And Extravagant S To The Streetwise Sophistication Of Today, The Official Price Guide to Vintage Fashion and Fabrics Lists The Most Current Values Of Hundreds Of Pieces With Than Photographs Everyone Agreesthis Is The One Guide You Must Own This book has a bit of a split personality On the one hand, its decade by decade approach that lists and describes the importance of designers is well done, if brief, just as it was in the previous incarnation of this book Designers are also listed in multiple decades, which gives a good idea of the vigor of the designer.
Each decade is also given a good sized overview Quite useful and were well done The photos are mostly clear and one can see the garment, even when in black and white The center of the book has glossy pages inhabited by a handful of color photos, but since the book is done in bw and on very inexpensive cheap pulp paper, the extra expense incurred for these glossy pages would have been better spent to include some mention of Victorian clothing see below.
However, there s absolutely no inclusion of any Victorian fashions a huge omission as the Victorian era spans at least 5 decades Additionally, if the author decided to include the decades 1900 and 1910 separately many books lump them together why not include at least a couple of Victorian decades Frequently, the collector of Edwardian teens fashions and even the 1920s also is a collector of at least some Victorian fashions To take the trouble to include the decades of 1900 and 1910 but exclude anything that comes before it seems silly and incomplete to me.
An interesting alternative approach is that prices are given for actual items Many books present an item with a suggested price, but it is unclear whether this is the price asked by the dealer or thought appropriate by the author Now while I find the approximate going rate approach a solid one, it was interesting to see what dealers actually charge d for specific items Both approaches are worthwhile.
Another however, however The dealers chosen to represent current prices are pretty much Internet only or Internet mainly dealers, which might give a skewed idea as to prices MUCH significant is that the dealers chosen are the dealers who charge THROUGH THE ROOF for items I can see charging a few thousand dollars for a Gallenga velvet cape, but many of the garments offered by these dealers have no label or no significant one and though very nice or beautiful are not unusual enough to warrent the high prices given.
My sneaking suspicion is that the dealers represented have an extremely exclusive clientele Hollywood stylists, fashion designers, perhaps even rich collectors and museums that seem to patronize these dealers heavily and the relationship built up with them allows the dealers to charge these in my humble opinion frequently outrageous prices.
So using these very few dealers so heavily to establish the market value of vintage is a highly problematic approach, and a big flaw of the book that limits its usefulness.
Lastly, there s a problem with the dealers offered as available via the Internet Many of the websites listed are under construction, or completely not there not to mention the ones whose sites are very poor As I write this it is January 2002 The book was published in October 2001 I think it is useless to offer a dealer as an Web source or to include the dealer s Web site if there s nothing there Bad follow through.
I won t return the book, but I m not sure it adds much value to my library, given it s flawed approach to pricing and its limited dealer scope.

This is one of my favorite Vintage Fashion books A lot about different eras clothing , purses, clothes designers I would recommend this book to a vintage clothes collector A great book if you are into the history of fashion