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[ Pdf The Plotters: A Novel ☆ contemporary-romance-clean PDF ] by Un-su Kim ë Started out with a very interesting storyline Started to drag by the end The concept is good but drawn out.
Fantastic the novel starts off with a very zoomed in lens and gradually expands the picture to flesh out Reseng and his world in a very unconventional manner, all the while racing through a traditional thriller narrative.
A Korean Noir Crime Novel That Hit Multiple Best Of Lists, Set In An Alternate Seoul Where Assassination Guilds Compete For Market Dominance For Fans Of Han Kang, Patrick DeWitt And Kill BillReseng Is An Assassin, And Behind Every Assassination, There Is An Anonymous Mastermind A Plotter Working In The Shadows Raised By A Philosophical And Cantankerous Killer Named Old Raccoon In His Crime Headquarters, The Library, Reseng Has Always Been Surrounded By Plots And By books That No One Ever Reads When At Last He Steps Outside The Plot On A Job, He Risks His Future And Uncovers An Extraordinary Scheme Being Cooked Up By An Eccentric Trio Of Young Women A Convenience Store Clerk, Her Wheelchair Bound Sister, And A Cross Eyed Obsessive Knitter And They Will Push Resend To Decide Whether He Will Be Used As A Pawn, Or If He Can Take Control Of The Game Un Su Kim Has Written That Rarest Of Novels, A Cracking Commercial Crime Novel That Sings With The Soul, Wit, And Lyricism Of Real Literary Craft The Plotters Is Page Turning, Hilarious, Soul Searching, And Deeply Entertaining It Is A Wake Up Call To Genre Lovers And Literary Readers Alike The few reviews that mark this book down do so mainly because the readers found it a bit slow and perhaps too cerebral It is both these things punctuated with some extreme violence If you prefer to gallop through a book without too much to think about then perhaps this is not for you, but for those who like to savour and imagine the characters and scenes then get this book.
Great read Loved it so different.
Would use again.

This is an engaging book Really enjoyable.
I really ally enjoyed this book Oddly, not much seemed to happen and I m not sure the whole point of it That sounds terrible but it was nonetheless enjoyable.
This is the first piece of Korean fiction that I ve read, albeit translated into American English I have a number of Korean films in my blu ray DVD collection, and watch Korean dramas on Netflix That has helped me understand some of the cultural differences referenced in the book, although that doesn t stop it being a great read in its own right One of those books that you want to keep reading It would make a great film The ending came as a little bit of a surprise though Recommended.