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[Mark Twain] ï The Prince and the Pauper [harlequin-nocturne PDF] Ebook Epub Download × This Treasured Historical Satire, Played Out In Two Very Different Socioeconomic Worlds Of Th Century England, Centers Around The Lives Of Two Boys Born In London On The Same Day Edward, Prince Of Wales And Tom Canty, A Street Beggar During A Chance Encounter, The Two Realize They Are Identical And, As A Lark, Decide To Exchange Clothes And Roles A Situation That Briefly, But Drastically, Alters The Lives Of Both Youngsters The Prince, Dressed In Rags, Wanders About The City S Boisterous Neighborhoods Among The Lower Classes And Endures A Series Of Hardships Meanwhile, Poor Tom, Now Living With The Royals, Is Constantly Filled With The Dread Of Being Discovered For Who And What He Really Is The Prince and the Pauper is a good young adult fiction written by Mark Twain It is also my introduction to him The story is set up in the time of King Henry VIII reign and this historical setting was what really induced me to read the book I m not well versed with British history, but I have read a fair amount of detail of the reign of Henry Tudor I was therefore a little familiar with the gruesome laws and the unfair persecutions that were carried out in England at that time period The story set against this time focuses on Prince Edward, Prince of Wales later King Edward VI and a pauper called Tom Canty, who is look alike of the Prince and the same age When they accidentally meets, the Prince decides to switch their identities, and the rest of the story proceeds with the adventures each faces in their mistaken identities Through his adventure, the Prince sees the true picture of the lives of his subjects, and learn about the unjust laws that are in force Also he comes to learn true loyalty through Miles Hendon, the brave hero who protects the Prince throughout his misfortunes The story is embellished with true account of incidents that have taken place in England thus exposing a dark and violent regime It really was hard to read about the cruel and outrageous punishments that were carried out which are highly disproportionate to the offence committed Moreover it was disturbing to read about the religious persecutions and also the false allegation and monstrous punishment of women of witchcraft It is appalling when you consider these things happened in fifteen hundreds and how uncivilized the law had been nearly five hundred years ago I m a little surprised that Mark Twain chose such an unappealing time period to set a story for young adults The story is a good one and the setting it up against a true historical backdrop with true historical characters gave the story a realistic face However, Mark Twain writing was a bit wordy This made the read tedious at times It also disturbed the pace of the story All this made it quite impossible for me to give my full enthusiastic attention to the book I did enjoy the read but I wasn t drawn in.
The Prince and the Pauper is a lucidly written masterpiece by Mark Twain Easily comprehensible, the book is a display of sheer genius All the characters have been thoroughly explained and as you go along you fall in love with most of them especially the prince and the Knight Miles Hendon The former is a personification of pampered innocence while the latter is an epitome of self less generosity The story doesn t take long to shift gears and as soon as the two protagonists shift places by mistake, of course , things start to get interesting The author succeeds in raising antipathy towards some characters especially the head of the Canty family Pauper s family The characters are so plainly black and white that even children can comprehend the book with minimal effort.
The book also tastes success in creating the milieu of the era The concept of whipping boy is queer yet believable For trivia, whipping boy is a person in the kingdom who takes the punishment on behalf of the prince if the latter is not doing well in studies Teachers, afraid of hitting the would be king, hit the whipping boy and his earnings are commensurate to the whipping he gets.
The end again is very happy, despite the death of the King Despite the trials and tribulations the young prince goes through, one constantly gets the feeling that it is only for the time being and every thing will change for good This makes it even loveable The apprehensions of the pauper in the kingdom have also been captured well.
All in all, a good read for those looking for a change from the run of the mill preaching fictions The story has been plainly stated and it is up to the reader to extract the morals No explicit attempt has been made to do the same.
I read this several times as a kid, and loved it Twain humor and class commentary about the hypocrisy of the upper classes And a fantasy, turned weekly into a Disney movie that sapped all the Twain and satire out of it Then many many spinoff books and movies But the idea of a beggar switching places with a prince, that still has a draw in it The Homes of Celebrity tv shows The Lives of the Rich and Famous This isn t Twain s best work, but it is Twain, so is always worth reading.
The Prince and the Pauper.
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Edward, Prince of Wales, dreams of sharing the lives of street kids, of escaping the boredom that weighs on him, his monotonous life He then decides to put on the rags of a street kid, exchanging his role with Tom for a few moments of freedom Tom will realize his dream too to become a princeEdward does not know anything about the life of his people What could be better for a future king than to be immersed in the rough existence of his subjects, vagabonds, thieves and beggars, subject to terrible laws, oppressed and kept in hunger, cold, filth and ignorance When one becomes a king of the kingdom of shadows , baptized in turn, by a band of vagabonds, Fou Fou 1st , then king of the fighting cocks , you come down quickly from his pedestal Only the habit counts in this world, and here it is clothed only rags Beautiful lesson of life for this young prince just and courageous.
On his side Tom learns the life of prince and begins to like his power He uses it generously towards the poor and the oppressed He would have all the qualities to make a good king, except that he was not born on the right side It can only be Prince for laughter Each of the two boys learn from this experience.
Beautiful adventure, full of twists and turns, which gives us a portrait of England in the 16th century Sordid Prisons, ruthless courts, supernatural beliefs, abuse of powerAnd if all the great people of this world had this experience, they would probably also change their way of acting and thinking.
The Prince and the Pauper, 1881 , Mark TwainThe Prince and the Pauper is a novel by American author Mark Twain It was first published in 1881 in Canada, before its 1882 publication in the United States The novel represents Twain s first attempt at historical fiction Set in 1547, it tells the story of two young boys who are identical in appearance Tom Canty, a pauper who lives with his abusive father in Offal Court off Pudding Lane in London, and Prince Edward, son of King Henry VIII 1 1 1337 277 2 1 1341 304 32 3 1 1362 266 9789640003930 1386 19 4 1 1388 266 9789642575626 16 2 1344 128 9649067353 2 1364 1370 1381 1382 19 3 1363 208 4 1368 5 1371 176 9646234224 1371 1376 1376 1 6 1371 272 2 6 1387 318 9789647886697 3 6 1386 364 9789648155464 7 1373 122 9645569745 1374 1 8 1375 160 9649004645 1380 2 8 1391 183 9789645680471 1392 9 1376 112 9646326080 10 1377 241 9644220766 1379 1 11 1377 157 9646003478 7 2 11 1380 129 9646742645 7 1381 1383 1385 1386 9789646742642 1387 1388 3 11 1388 256 9789643694944 1389 1391 12 1389 112 9786005955187 13 1390 272 9789644074103 14 1390 292 9786009109753 15 1390 392 9789641710448 16 1391 59 9786005550139 .