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â Read ☆ The Quantum Guide to Life: How The Laws Of Physics Explain Our Lives From Laziness To Love by Kunal K. Das È I very much enjoyed this book It was interesting, thought provoking, and I learned a lot Some of the explanations were clearer than any I had previously come across, both in the world of science and in the world of people and interactions.
So yes, strongly recommended for if you are looking for something to make you think But not as a source of gospel truth.
The book is mainly based on analogies between scientific principles and laws and everyday life And they are interesting analogies But they have all the problems of arguing from analogy some of the analogies are weak or even non existent, and if you strain an analogy too far you re unlikely to come to truth Particularly on the everyday life side I felt that it was over simplistic, with lots of generalisations made to fit the analogy, and those generalisations would neither describe my life nor the lives of those I know.
What it claims to be deep insights from scientific rules sometimes felt to me just to be tenuous analogies between cliches and science.
And it got old quickly saying things like It s not my fault It s the laws of the universe That just doesn t work when all you have is an analogy.
Caveats aside, though, it was fun to read, it was interesting, the science side had some particularly clear explanations, and I would strongly recommend it.
Nearly half through, skipped a few pages of stats but enjoying this book a lot If it remains like this I m happy Lots of new ways of seeing the stuff of life a quantum light.
With Humor And Intelligence, This New York Timesbestselling Guide Takes You Through The Fascinating Intersections Of Quantum Physics And Everyday LifePhysics Might Explain Why The Earth Orbits The Sun, But Can It Really Explain Our Tendency To Put Off Doing Chores In The Quantum Guide To Life, Physics Professor And Bestselling Author Kunal K Das Illustrates How The Laws Of Physics Define Every Aspect Of Our Lives And Society, From Personal Relationships To Geopolitics, Financial Markets, Globalization, And ImmigrationWith Engaging Stories And Illuminating Examples, Das Explains The Important Laws At The Heart Of Physics, In A Way Never Done Beforeby Showing How The Defining Patterns Of Our Lives, Our Behavior, And Our Society Already Follow Similar RulesDas Makes Complex Conceptsfrom The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle To Schrdingers Catrelatable And Easy To Understand, While Offering Provocative New Perspectives On The Established Principles Of Physics The Quantum Guide To Life Provides Illuminating And Practical Life Lessons While Bringing Humor And Humanity To What Is Too Often Considered A Painfully Dry Subject I found the book easy to read in the most part, but had to skip over some deeper details Who needs to know all the names of the tiny particles I found this poor and the attempt to compare quantum physics with the happenings in the every day affairs of mankind very contrived and totally unconvincing No doubt quantum physics has an effect on the workings of our mind brain, but not in the way this author interprets.
This is an amusing attempt to align the laws of physics to the everyday common currency of existence In order to do this the author has to stretch the analogies almost to breaking point, but his ingenuity is pleasing Not a life changing experience, but a good read, nevertheless.
Just fine Interesting look at real world applications for quantum theory.
Nice explainations of quantum theory as well.
Thought provoking and entertaining.
Interesting take on the real world and the quantum one.

More imagination than science.
Great read, easy to understand and great thought provoking book I am really enjoying it.