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[Spring Warren] â The Quarter-Acre Farm: How I Kept the Patio, Lost the Lawn, and Fed My Family for a Year [fat-studies PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Some of the lower ratings on this book seem to be a complaint that there isn t enough info on how to repeat the experiment The description of the book says it s Warren s account of how she went about growing the majority of the food for her family, not a DIY manual on sustainable gardening.
I found the book delightful Is there enough gardening information for me to replicate her Quarter Acre Farm Probably not But there is enough trial and error, pull yourself by the bootstraps and try again to give me courage and the desire to try.
And I had some good laughs at the same time I felt like I was listening to a friend tell me about her garden.
To be fair, I did get the Kindle version for a buck If you are looking for a reference book then you won t want to pay much than that If you are looking for a good read full of wit, wisdom and some inspirational determination then it s worth a lot.
I m a beginning home gardener but grew up with farming grandparents, and though this book was a simple, easy read, it really couldn t hold my interest nor teach me much about gardening that I didn t already know.
I applaud the author s efforts to feed herself almost solely from her garden, but some of this didn t ring true for me It takes a lot of time to get even a small farm going, and I wonder if she had a lot of help or spent a ton of money to get her quarter acre farm fully operational and productional in the first season Which is a record These specifics are not mentioned.
I don t mind entertainment in the gardening book arena, and this book seems to lean heavily toward wit and entertainment than sharing actual knowledge, which is fine However, I consumed Marni Jameson s book, The House Always Wins, which is written in a similar prose and storyline as Spring Warren s book albeit Marni s book is her home improvement story However, not only is Marni s book laugh out loud hilarious, but she also manages to squeeze in a ton of how to information that really helps a homeowner Though I did learn some interesting things in Mrs Warren s book, I felt The Quarter Acre Farm was a little skimpy in both areas.
Again, I hope Mrs Warren continues her gardening journey and I applaud her success, but her book left me hungry for a little substance.
Spring Warren S Humorous Account Of Her Quest To Grow Most Of What Her Family Consumed For One Year In Her Suburban YardWhen Spring Warren Told Her Husband And Two Teenage Boys That She Wanted To Grow Percent Of All The Food They Consumed For One Year And That She Wanted To Do It In Their Yard They Told Her She Was CrazyShe Did It Anyway The Quarter Acre Farm Is Warren S Account Of Deciding Despite All Resistance To Take Control Of Her Family S Food Choices, Get Her Hands Dirty, And Create A Garden In Her Suburban Yard It S A Story Of Bugs, Worms, Rot, And Failure Of Learning, Replanting, Harvesting, And Eating The Road Is Long And Riddled With Mistakes, But By The End Of Her Yearlong Experiment, Warren S Sons And Husband Have Become Her Biggest Fans In Fact, They Re Even Eager To Help Harvest And Eat The Beautiful Bounty She Brings InFull Of Tips And Recipes To Help Anyone Interested In Growing And Preparing At Least A Small Part Of Their Diet At Home, The Quarter Acre Farm Is A Warm, Witty Tale About Family, Food, And The Incredible Gratification That Accompanies Self Sufficiency Really enjoyed this engaging funny and informative book Spring Warren has an infectious enthusiasm and a charming self deprecating manner which makes this a great read loads of really useful information too.
This is the story of one woman who decides to rip up her lawn and grow her own food even though she s the only member of the family who wants to do this As a gardener I laughed at the over abundance of zucchini she got tired of The book didn t grab me from the start, I m not sure why because the writing and flow was good It was one of those books you keep going back to yet it s easy to put down and come back to later.
I m glad I read this and would recommend this to anyone who wants to start a garden or loves gardening You get to follow along through the ups and downs and in the end find out what her family thought of her experiment.
I loved reading The Quarter Acre Farm I am sending an abundance of praise to Spring Warren for writing this book as it s truly inspirational For those of you who are eyeing your backyard and wondering about the farming possibilities, this book will be a guiding light.
I have tiptoed around gardening for many years mainly due to a lack of time In our own efforts to transform our suburban backyard into a producing mini farm, my partner and I started slowly with our farming journey We dallied with a couple of tomato plants, peppers and green onions Then we planted two grapes and built an arbor around the deck perimeter for the grapevines to cling upon To our joy and taste buds, those two little grape plants matured into a miniature vineyard We pluck whole bunches of mouth watering grapes and what we can t consume is delivered to our respective offices for our co workers to enjoy We also relish eating on the deck under the arbor with the hanging grape bunches overhead I am almost dining al fresco in the verdant hills of Tuscany.
As we ventured forth to grow produce in our backyard, we were both filled with a passion for farming To stoke this passion, I bought a dozen books on the subject matter To my complete surprise and utter delight, Spring Warren s book The Quarter Acre Farm caught me off guard Let me explain, I was expecting a dry tome on farming not a hilariously funny book that was not only educating me on farming wisdom but had me laughing out loud Spring s writing style injects wit, wisdom and honesty in the many anecdotes that she shares regarding her farm experiment Her test was to grow all of the food in her backyard that would feed 75% of the food her family consumed for one year While reading her book, I was suddenly along for the ride and enthralled with Spring s journey into farming By the end of the year Spring s husband and sons were not only partaking in the homegrown meals but became her biggest supporters On a side note, her description of the geese and their amped behavior regarding their favorite snack was sidesplitting This is a book I will reference again and again as it is a treasure.
Back to our lot, we planted a vegetable and herb garden, bee and hummingbird flowers, four fruit trees, a dozen blueberries, rose hips and raspberries Our lawn is overrun with bee friendly clover There are now a multitude of wildlife visitors such as garden snakes, squirrels, wild rabbits from the green space, a spotted owl, and hawks who rest on the bird feeders.
After reading Spring s book, I think I entered the sisterhood of farming And if you ever get a letter from your HOA complaining about the weeds in your front yard like we did, I did pull the dandelions but left the clover.
Sincerely, Black Dog Organic Farm, Oregon.
I was thrilled to find this book Intelligent, witty prose is wrapped around helpful information as Spring Warren tells the story of how she turned her small suburban back yard into a farm that fed her family for a year Complete with chickens, two geese, all sorts of fruits and veggies, her family eats healthy fare from the 1 4 acre farm and lives to tell the tale I especially loved the stories about Goosteau, their gander.
My husband and I are building a similar garden in our own yard in rural Ohio, and I stumbled across this book looking for ideas on small acreage gardening and self sufficiency In addition to giving me some great ideas, Spring inspired me with her extensive knowledge of the plants and trees they grow, the soil, insects, and all sorts of organic gardening tips.
Even if you aren t a gardener you could pick this book up and read it cover to cover just for the fun of it I live my life in phases apparently This one is the Wish I could be a farmer phase The author, Spring Warren, takes us through her delightfully funny but serious experiments as she spent a year replacing her lawn so she could grow as much as possible of the food her family consumed Her family for the most part kept a good disposition about all of it Some of the best parts of the book included the author s description of some of the reactions her family, friends, and neighbors had to her ideas.
I got a few ideas that will pay for the book and my time reading it There were times when I dropped the book and ran out to the garden to mulch after reading a chapter about mulches, cooled down certain plants in the garden than I normally would after reading another section, and just generally enjoyed seeing someone else make themselves happy doing things most people have the good sense not to bother to do Then again, I, just like the author, am enjoying home grown, organic vegetables I m deleriously happy about that.
This is a fun book It s also inspirational and educational for those of us who want to grow of what we eat I recommend it.

The order of the chapters didn t have a logical flow The recipes weren t interesting, the prose was adequate There was less technical information than I d hoped for.
Really enjoyed this read and managed to learn a few things in the process A bit jealous of your locale as I m in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Trying to do a change in my family s habits so it s nice to read it CAN be done We ve gone the aquaponic route, hopefully it works comparably well to your QAF Thanks for sharing your journey