Download Epub Format Å The Science of Star Wars: The Scientific Facts Behind the Force, Space Travel, and More! PDF by ò Mark Brake

Download Epub Format Å The Science of Star Wars: The Scientific Facts Behind the Force, Space Travel, and More! PDF by ò Mark Brake Mark Brake s thoughtful reflections on the future, motivated from science fact, are always informative, entertaining and engaging However, I found the lack of illustrations there are none to be a little disappointing given the highly visual aspect of the films themselves and the price charged for the book It s still an interesting read but does not reach its full potential and the benchmark set by his other publications eg Future World.
Interesting but very disjointed Needed a good editor I bought this as a gift for a friend who loves Star Wars She was delighted with it, finding it interesting and informative

This book is just packed with all sorts of facts and information pertaining to earth science and Star Wars science Well and clearly written, this is the book for you if you enjoy what can be a dry subject written in a highly entertaining and informative fashion Great fun.
Imaginative take on sci fi technology Star Wars Takes Place In A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away, But The Science Used By Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, And The Rest Are Rooted In The Technology And Physics We Have Here On Earth What Is Possible And What Is Not Capturing The Imagination And Hearts Of Crowds Worldwide, Star Wars Is A Fantastic Feat Of Science Fiction And Fantasy The Science Of Star Wars Addresses Topics That Span The Movies Universe Such As Battle Technology, Alien Life, Space Travel, Etc Youll Find Fascinating Explorations Of The Physics Of Star Wars, Its Plausibility, And The Perfect Star Wars Gift For Fans Of The Saga, This Book Addresses Many Unanswered, Burning Questions, Including How Long Before We Get A Star Wars Speeder Off The Ground What Exactly Is The Force How Could Kylo Ren Stop A Blaster Shot In Mid Air How Could We Live On A Gas Giant Like Bespin, Or A Desert Planet Like Tatooine Nature Versus Nurture How Does It Play Out In The Making Of Jedi How Much Would It Cost To Build The Death Star And Much We Marvel At The Variety Of Creatures And Technology And The Mystery Behind The Force But How Much Of The Star Wars World Is Rooted In Reality Could We See Some Of The Extraordinary Inventions Materialize In Our World This Uncomplicated, Entertaining read Makes It Easy To Understand How Advanced Physics Concepts, Such As Wormholes And Einsteins Theory Of Relativity, Apply To The Star Wars UniverseThe Science Of Star Wars Explains To Non Technical Readers How Physics And Fantasy Might Merge To Allow For The Possibility Of Interstellar Travel Communication With Foreign But Intelligent Lifeforms Human Like Robots Alien Planets Fit For Human Life Weapons And Spacecraft Such As Laser Guns, Light Sabers, And The Millennium Falcon And Force Like Psychokinetic PowersIn The st Century, Were On The Edge Of Developing Much Of The Technology From A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away These Fantasies Arent As Impossible As You Might Think Written For Every Fan Of George Lucass Films, You Dont Need To Be A Jedi Or An Astrophysicist At NASA To Appreciate All Of Mark Brake And Jon Chases Fun And Informative Analysis Of This Classic Series In The Science Of Star Wars Prepare Your Mind To Make The Jump To Light Speed And Find Out About The Facts Behind One Of Our Favorite Modern Epics