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Download Epub Format ¸ The Sculptress PDF by ó Minette Walters Five psychiatrists have pronounced Olive Martin in full possession of her sanity She is not a psychopath, despite dismembering her mother and sister like parting a chicken for Sunday dinner Although the police ensured Olive s solicitor was present when she gave her confession, both society and justice were quick to accept Olive s guilty plea It turns out that no one looks too closely or thinks to hard about a morbidly obese, hideously ugly woman who has professed her own guilt not even when there are inconsistencies between the confession and the forensics of the scene that should have raised a reasonable doubt.
That s where the novel s protagonist, Rosalind Leigh, comes into the story Roz has suffered the loss of her daughter, the disintegration of her marriage, and is about to lose her contract as an author if she doesn t write a book about Olive Martin The Sculptress, by Minette Walters, follows Roz s investigation, a bit of amateur detecting that leaves many a closet bereft of its skeletons There are enough surprising twists and lurid details to keep the plot engaging The truth remains veiled, even after the end of the novel, but that is not a flaw so much as a bold statement about the nature of reality as it is experienced by the Walters s characters Violence, betrayal, death, and greed pull the strings of reality, and often the characters trying to do what is right end up just as twisted up in the tangled webs as those who intentionally did wrong The Sculptress is a detective story, but the heart of the book is romance Not beautiful boy meets beautiful girl romance, but the realistic heart breaking, face bruising, life ending romances entered into by damaged characters Walters gives Roz and her new beau a break in the end, letting them have a view of the ocean as they make love, but given the darkness pervading all relationships in the novel, it is questionable that this love, like the others, is any lasting or less corrosive than the salty spray coming in off of the ocean The Sculptress is the first novel I ve read by Minette Walters, and I will be reading My only regret is that she didn t amplify the hints of supernatural voodoo being played at by Olive Or maybe not now that I think about it, the creepy wax dolls stuck with their pins, and Olive s look of gloating triumph does to unsettle me than any straightforward explanation could have done.
This is an okay book if you can ignore it s occasional far fetchedness Convoluted, improbable plot Unlikely characters doing unlikely things in unlikely circumstances Rosalind Leigh is commissioned to write a book about Olive Martin, an obese woman known asThe Sculptress, after hacking up her mother and sister with an ax and rearranging the pieces Now she carves little wax figurines in her prison cell, including one of Rosalind after their first interview Olive convinces Rosalind that she did not commit the crime, in spite of her own confession and a mountain of evidence Initially, I was quite interested in Olive and her mindset, the reasons as to why she may or may not have committed the atrocity, and the influences on her However, beyond that, the heroine Rosalind was an embarrassment and her love interest was simply ridiculous Too many conveniences thinly disguised as apparent twists and turns Towards the end, when the tension should be building, it becomes confusing and the story oddly boring I didn t find the ending as dissatisfying as others did It s a pretty clear whodunitthe question is whether they ll get away with it I realize this book won the Edgar Award, but if it s the best Minette Walters has to offer, then I think I ll pass on the rest.
A chilling story from a master of the crime suspense genre A monstrously obese woman is in prison having confessed and pled guilty to the murder and brutal dismembering of her mother and younger sister some years previously A writer, who is dealing with emotional damages of her own, is assigned by her publisher to write a book about the affair She uncovers several discrepancies between the confession and the facts in the case which lead her to dig ever deeper until she finally reveals the truth and sets a great miscarriage of justice right Or, is that what happens With Ms Walters we are never sure This is the fourth story of hers I have recently read and I can now say she is incredibly gifted at doling out the relevant information in such a way that one is always caught by surprise by the ending Maybe not in total, but the fine details are kept close to the vest right up until the last paragraph In this particular case, we are left with the uneasy feeling that maybe the truth is still hidden, or has been twisted to suit We are not sure whether another travesty has not been set in motion Ms Walters sleuths are rarely the professionals that populate other crime novels There are usually policemen involved, but not as the prime movers She always seems to use a regular Joe or Jane with multiple layers of damage and mistrust, and rampant insecurities to ferret out the truth This tale is no different Part of the joy of reading Ms Walters is becoming acquainted with her protagonist They are always presented with their warts and blemishes in full view and we are all the ready to accept them as fellow seekers of truth because they are so 3 dimensional I have a couple of her books on my shelf I shall soon have to begin looking for Long may she write I don t care what anyone thinks, I LOVE this author s work Disturbing, yup Gory, yup Dark, dark, dark Does this mean I m mentally sick, probably, but I don t mind because this woman knows her Could not put this book down Thought about it for days afterwards That my friend are the signs of a great book.
I picked this up having a vague memory of really enjoying the drama that was screened a fair few years ago and wanting to read something a bit dark without scaring the poo out of myself.
I started off really enjoying it, it was the right side of acceptable trash and kept my attention ticking along.
Then Ros met the policeman and it all got rather annoying rather quickly Olive, The Sculptress of the title almost vanished from the book as we were dragged along by rather tedius, predictable and utterly unnecessary sub plots.
I would have enjoyed the book alot if it had focussed entirely on The Sculptress and Ros instead of shifting focus to a banal failing resturant storyline and an eye rollingly dull love story Rather than feeling like Ros had been submerged by the mind of a psychopath and was tackling the personal psychological trauma this would inevitably bring, it was like watching someone skip about on a Famous Five adventure, bungling burglars and all, ending up with the dream man, dream house and dream book deal at the end of it A good read, but it s just left me wanting to read Silence of The Lambs again.

Crackling good mystery, one of the best I ve ever read In early 1990 s England author Roz Leigh investigates the gruesome murders of a mother and daughter six years before All the journalists W s have been answered except WHY the murders were committed So at the behest of her boss, Roz sets out to find motivation She plans to write a book on this case Why did the murderess, Olive Martin, confess so quickly Roz finds inconsistencies and niggling questions She sets out to prove the girl s innocence and that Olive has been wrongly imprisoned, with the aid of a retired policeman turned restauranteur I liked the psychological aspect, revealed gradually through Roz s interviews for her book The Sculptress is a nickname for Olive in prison because of Olive s habit of molding clay figures possibly for voodoo Highly recommended.
Chilling If this book doesn t frighten you, then you don t know that many monsters who just happens to be humans.
Minette Walters second novel This author is a natural storyteller and hardly puts a single foot wrong in her complex, psychological plotting Her characterisation has tightened up considerably with this second book A riveting read I romped through it in an afternoon, unfortunately Yet another case of wishing I could learn, somehow, how to read slowly.
This hardcover edition is signed by Minette Walters.
A WOMAN IMPRISONED FOR HIDEOUS SLAUGHTER A WRITER TRAPPED IN A TRAGIC PAST ONE HIDES THE TRUTH THE OTHER NEEDSIn Prison, They Call Her The Sculptress For The Strange Figurines She Carves Symbols Of The Day She Hacked Her Mother And Sister To Pieces And Reassembled Them In A Blood Drenched Jigsaw Sullen, Menacing, Grotesquely Fat, Olive Martin Is Burned Out Journalist Rosalind Leigh S Only Hope Of Getting A New Book PublishedBut As She Interviews Olive, In Her Cell, Roz Finds Flaws In The Sculptress S Confession Is She Really Guilty As She Insists Drawn Into Olive S World Of Obsessional Lies And Love, Nothing Can Stop Roz S Pursuit Of The Chilling, Convoluted Truth Not The Tidy Suburbanites Who D Rather Forget The Murders, Not A Volatile Ex Policeman And Her Own Erotic Response To Him, Not An Attack On Her LifeNot Even The Thought Of What Might Happen If The Sculptress Went Free