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[ Read Online The Secret Commonwealth: Of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies À academic PDF ] by Robert Kirk Ô Great knowledge well done Having previously visited Aberfoyle, Doune Hill and Balqhidder it was a book that needed to be read.

The Dover edition contains two poems by Andrew Lang a 1933 introduction by Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham a 1893 introduction and history of the book and author by Andrew Lang, covering various elements of parapsychology the text in modern English with inline explanations of the remaining archaic terms letters by Lord Tarbet to Robert Boyle on the second sight a postscript on the manuscript illustrations by Henry Justice Ford.
The book is a nice compilation of this work and its associated commentaries, in the usual Dover paperback form.
This is a lovely clean reprint of an indispensable volume of accounts of faerie in the late 1600 s Definitely recommended earlier editions are either terribly expensive or impossible to find.
A lovely book for a great price.
This books is a good source of information on the little people and their lore, interesting.
excellent Very fast delivery.
could not be better.
A Classic, Enchanting Document Of Scottish Folklore About Fairies, Elves, And Other Supernatural CreaturesLate In The Seventeenth Century, Robert Kirk, An Episcopalian Minister In The Scottish Highlands, Set Out To Collect His Parishioners Many Striking Stories About Elves, Fairies, Fauns, Doppelgngers, Wraiths, And Other Beings Of, In Kirks Words, A Middle Nature Betwixt Man And Angel For Kirk These Stories Constituted Strong Evidence For The Reality Of A Supernatural World, Existing Parallel To Ours, Which, He Passionately Believed, Demanded Exploration As Much As The New World Across The Seas Kirk Defended These Views In The Secret Commonwealth, An Essay That Was Left In Manuscript When He Died In It Is A Rare And Fascinating Work, An Extraordinary Amalgam Of Science, Religion, And Folklore, Suffused With The Spirit Of Active Curiosity And Bemused Wonder That Fills Robert Burtons Anatomy Of Melancholy And The Works Of Sir Thomas Browne The Secret Commonwealth Is Not Only A Remarkable Document In The History Of Ideas But A Study Of Enchantment That Enchants In Its Own Right First Published In By Sir Walter Scott, Then Reedited In By Andrew Lang, With A Dedication To Robert Louis Stevenson, The Secret Commonwealth Has Long Been Difficult To Obtainavailable, If At All, Only In Scholarly Editions This New Edition Modernizes The Spelling And Punctuation Of Kirks Little Book And Features A Wide Ranging And Illuminating Introduction By The Critic And Historian Marina Warner, Who Brings Out The originality Of Kirks Contribution And Reflects On The Ongoing Life Of Fairies In The Modern Mind interesting read although sounds like a interpretation of poltergeist activity as the hidden peoples