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[Countess of Romanones Aline] Ø The Spy Wore Silk [15th-century PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ï Excellent.
I have read all of The Spy books by Countess of Romanos Aline They are all thrillers and stories of extreme courage and fear by a young American woman wanting to serve her country Her escapades are gripping It was hard to put the book down I would recommend reading them in order.
The Author Reveals A True Story Of Royalty And Murder As She Searches The Backstreets Of Marrakesh And Palaces Of Casablanca To Ensure The Survival Of Morocco S King Hassan And Her Own I picked one of these books up for free, and immediately had to go buy the rest of them I love each of these books that Aline, Countess of Romanones wrote These are a very fun read, and have shared with multiple friends who have been equally absorbed There should be a movie about her life.
I fell in love with these books in high school, when i came across them by happenstance in the library They made a great impression on me that stuck through the years, and they continue to give me joy as I read them over and over again There s nothing better than reading about a strong confident woman Throw in that she s a spy for the OSS Perfection The Spy Wore Silk is the fascinating, continuing story of an American WWII spy who married a wealthy Spanish aristocrat Aline, Countess of Romanones, is patriotic, caring, resourceful, and tenacious in her quest to save the King of Morocco from a coup The book is well written and hard to put down The best feature is that the story is true, with a few details blurred to protect the lives and reputations of those involved I highly recommend The Spy Wore Silk Suspenseful and interesting.
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Fascinating novel well worth a read As described by seller.
I had read the first two books of this American spy years ago, and just recently discovered this one So, I enjoyed reading about her continued involvement in American affairs, even though she had lived in Spain for so many years Her books are a good way to see how our country s intelligence operations began in WWII and evolved, besides reading about world and society names from many countries.