Download Epub Format ½ The Story of a Goat PDF by Ó Perumal Murugan

Download Epub Format ½ The Story of a Goat PDF by Ó Perumal Murugan A very interesting and engrossing book that I loved.
The style of writing is amazing, poetic and it flows without any hiccup.
The story is moving and kept me hooked till the end.
Highly recommended Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
From One Of India S Best Known Writers And The Author Of The National Book Award Longlisted One Part Woman Comes A Charming And Surprising Tale Of An Orphaned Goat And The Family That Decides To Take Care Of Her, Despite The Potential Cost To ThemAs He Did In The Award Winning One Part Woman, In His Newest Novel, The Story of a Goat, Perumal Murugan Explores A Side Of India That Is Rarely Considered In The West The Rural Lives Of The Country S Farming Community He Paints A Bucolic Yet Sometimes Menacing Portrait, Showing Movingly How Danger And Deception Can Threaten The Lives Of The Weakest Through The Story Of A Helpless Young Animal Lost In A World It Naively MisunderstandsAs The Novel Opens, A Farmer In Tamil Nadu Is Watching The Sunset Over His Village One Quiet Evening When A Mysterious Stranger, A Giant Man Who Seems Than Human, Appears On The Horizon He Offers The Farmer A Black Goat Kid Who Is The Runt Of The Litter, Surely Too Frail To Survive The Farmer And His Wife Take Care Of The Young She Goat, Whom They Name Poonachi, And Soon The Little Goat Is Bounding With Joy And Growing At A Rate They Think Miraculous For Such A Small Animal Intoxicating Passages From The Goat S Perspective Offer A Bawdy And Earthy View Of What It Means To Be An Animal And A Refreshing Portrayal Of The Natural World But Poonachi S Life Is Not Destined To Be A Rural Idyll Dangers Can Lurk Around Every Corner, And May Sometimes Come From Surprising Places, Including A Government That Is Supposed To Protect The Weak And Needy Is This Little Goat Too Humble A Creature To Survive Such A Hostile World With Allegorical Resonance For Contemporary Society And Examining Hierarchies Of Caste And Color, The Story Of The Goat Is A Provocative But Heartwarming Fable From A World Class Storyteller Who Is Finally Achieving Recognition Outside His Home Country Fable Allegory What is it about this goat While ostensibly about a female goat gifted to an elderly couple, it also seems to be about a lot the lot of females, the conditions for farmers in India, Indian politics Poonachi the goat is the stand in for the oppressed While I found this interesting, I know I was missing a lot Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC A worthy read for fans of literary fiction and those interested in rural India.

The Story of a Goat tells the life of Poonachi, a tiny black kid from a litter of seven kids, who is given to an old man by a large stranger who then disappears Described as a big fat worm when she arrives on the scene, Poonachi survives and eventually produces seven kid litters of her own She both enriches and complicates the lives of the old man and his wife as they try to survive in a semi arid region where it seems both nature and the governmental authorities compete to see who can be harsher on both the humans and the animals.
This is a short book, and I was totally caught up in Poonachi s story, but it is not a happy or uplifting one The only signs of affection are between Poonachi and the old woman and between Poonachi and other goats The humans seem to have no love between them at all The longer I read the book the I felt the sense of fable without, however, quite being able to absorb the meaning I opened this book knowing nothing about the author and very little about Tamil society or Hinduism The publisher s description mentions various messages in the book, and I can acknowledge a number of them, such as the difficult roles of women, but there are some that I simply cannot relate to the book I just read, such as the increasing vulnerability of individuals, particularly writers and artists, who resist when they are pressed to submit There are no writers or artists or other creative people in the book The only characters who create are the animals who reproduce, and there is no sense of resistance in their actions The opening scene describes the old man to whom Poonachi is given as a farmer who belonged to the community of Asuras I looked up Asuras and discovered that they are a class of power seeking demigods in Hinduism, sometimes considered good and sometimes evil This did not seem to fit the old man or his community, but I may have missed something There are short addenda by the author and the translator that give a little insight, but it also spoils the ending of the book, so I am reluctant to suggest you read it first.
Perumal Murugan is an author and professor of Tamil literature in India He has won prizes for his works and been the subject of protests by right wing Hindu groups.
The Story of a Goat is a beautifully written story that clearly has a lot of depth I enjoyed it but feel that I and most western readers would benefit from supplementary material to appreciate it fully.
Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for an advance review copy of this book.
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