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[ Read Online The Strangeness That Is Wales × gaming PDF ] by Jack Strange ¿ This book caught my attention because it is lore such as that provides glimpses into the beginnings of any culture in any area.
A lot of research went into the compiling of these strange tales and beliefs They range from serious to laughable to the absurd They all reflect on the people and on Wales of today, and are not simply historically obscure Even the narration is written with a voice of the old world I am sure the author tried to capture that as well As I read I sensed a certain flavor for life and about the origins of beliefs and attitudes What I learned shed a new light on a country I know little about This was a delightful and informative read.
A fascinating book about Wales, its people and customs Although being Welsh, there were some stories that I hadnt heard before, as well as some familiar ones It gave a well thought out look at this mysterious land and its myths and legends.
I loved reading it and couldn t put it down until the very last page.
0 Discover The Strange Legends, Tales And History Of WalesDid The Welsh Sail Across The Atlantic In The Th Century Was King Arthur Welsh Included Are Stories On Ghosts Both Real And Fake And The Legend Of King Arthur Welsh Animal Lore, Customs, Monsters And Music Are Also Examined One Of The Strangest Villages In The World Gets A Chapter To Itself, As Do Witches, Miners And DruidsThe Book Is Written In A Personal, Light Hearted Style, With Geographical References To Help Identify The Places Although The Stories Are Intended To Entertain As Much As Educate, The Historical Facts Are AccurateHopefully, You Will Come Away With A Different View On Wales And A Smile On Your Face The third book in a brilliant series, this one is just as fascinating as the others with tales of dragons, ghosts unusual customs Wales is a nation steeped in history and legend and the author has done a great job of thoroughly researching each topic, even going so far as to get first hand accounts from the locals as he travelled the country in his quest to uncover the strangeness of Wales This book is another keeper that I ll be going back to many times as Jack Strange weaves the best of tales.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the brief stories reflecting Welsh character and belief The supernatural stories, in particular were intriguing and thought provoking.
Good read I enjoyed it Some stories and myths were interesting than others, I thought, but overall quite fascinating This book is the perfect companion for someone about to travel to Wales I can imagine it would come in handy when making a bet at a pub Crammed full of information, it s almost intoxicating I can tell the author could write several additional books about many of the subjects covered in this compendium Of course, most of the tall tales are based on hearsay and the oral tradition There s a lot of research here That being said, the author, Jack Strange often uses the word possibly , as he navigates from one amazing topic to another Lucky for him, he didn t see most of this with his very own eyes.
There are detailed stories about Welsh dragons, witches, coal miners and their premonitions There are several Welsh ghost stories, superstitions, courting rituals, wedding customs, the fate of wife beaters, food, miraculous springs, frog curses, pirates, monks, Merlin, King Arthur, The Holy Grail, fairies, mermaids, and Druids Even unique Welsh sports such as Shin Kicking or Bog snorkeling.
And there s The legendary afanc is apparently the Welsh equivalent of Nessie Women acted as reinforcements during war, there s the devil s bridge and the sensational belief that a Welsh explorer by the name of Madoc, discovered Alabama in 1170 Wales is a country where everything has a song the surf chants as it breaks on the shore, the rivers sing in their secret solitude through the hills, and even the wind whispers to its own tune So sensitive and so romantic.
Personally, I loved everything but the historic names and the strange combination of letters in the Welsh language.
My favorite quote is Unravelling myth from folklore is nigh impossible in Wales, and that is part of the strange charm of this country.
There is everything strange from red dragons to ghostly ladies dressed in green instead of white It seems the men of Wales are fighters, poets, and singers that continue long after their life spans as the ghostly music greets you in caves, by the lakes, and in the graveyard Of course, the ghostly ladies sing also Everything, however, seemed nebulous Even their answer to Nessie in Lake Ness is so infrequent that it is just tales passed down The creature seems to be camera shy The author visits lakes, caves, graveyards, old houses, and tells different versions of the same phenomena It seems one can even disappear when trying to solve a ghostly visitation The author does credit the fighting spirit of the Welsh It seems they were the first to wear the red jacket for their marching armies Their renown was so great that Britain retained the red color for all of their troops Who would have thought

I am Welsh and a devoted folklorist for over 40 years my honest opinion is that anyone could write this book by sitting in the pub and inventing a collection of meaningless tales straight from their own imagination Badly written and an insult to Wales and the Welsh No attempt at research, not even the consideration to check the spelling of the place names hesuposedly visited it s as easy as checking them on a map excusing some of his outlanding inventions by attributing them to a mysterious woman he met in the pub, I can ensure the potential reader that this is entirely nonsense where he mentions some of our unusual Welshmen he gets the detail wrong and mentions only the most vague information he could well have gleaned from two minutes on the internet The big question is why there are so many strange truths and so much rich folklore you just don t need to make it up in such an insulting and un researched way to quote one of the famous Welshisms to be pitied than scolded I enjoyed this book very much My Mum was half Welsh so I have an ancestral connection to the place I was also stationed at a small RAF camp on Cardigan Bay for a time and completed my RAF survival training in the Brecon Beacons, mentioned in the book I m glad I didn t know of some of the stories related in this book at the time, or I might have made a run for civilisation before my training was completed Jack Strange has put together a wonderful collection of some of the best and least known myths, legends and simply weird happenings in this small but diverse country, where even here there is a North South divide, with those in the north prone to perpetuating the ancient Welsh language, less so in the south From ghosts to goblins, fairies and strange monsters, it s all here in the pages of this book, together with some of the history of the people of this strange land that has so much to offer the traveller and the serious historian alike As one with some connection to Wales, and some experience of a couple of its wilder places, I found this to be an enjoyable and informative read, which pays due homage to the people and the history of Wales, Land of Song, and weird goings on.