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[ Pdf The Systems Bible: The Beginner's Guide to Systems Large and Small Ì wolves PDF ] by John Gall Ì Can t stand the self serving style From the first 20 pages It s mostly meaningless definitions and arguments based on non sensical reasoning Better read the Hitchhiker s guide to the Galaxy or watch some Monty Python sketches instead.
From reading the rest It does get better.
The appendices quiz questions and examples are quite a nice read, and the second part applied systemantics also seemed useful Or maybe, it s just me getting too used to it The book can give some interesting ideas for further exploration either way.
Systeme haben eine Eigendynamik Man kann ber Systeme keine Kontrolle erhalten und oft tun Systeme nicht das, was man von ihnen erwartet oder wof r sie geschaffen wurden Was zuerst sehr theoretisch klingt, wird mit vielen Beispielen aus der Praxis berzeugend erkl rt.
In der ersten H lfte des Buches erf hrt man, dass sich daran nichts ndern l sst In der zweiten H lfte erf hrt man, warum das gar nicht schlimm ist und wie man diese Erkenntnis f r sich nutzen kann.
Die englische Sprache sollte man sehr gut beherrschen, um an diesem Buch bis zum Ende Spa zu haben.
I bought the book to better understand the modes of failure of the complex systems I work with I ve come away with some generally applicable cautionary principles and other cautionary anecdotes.
I understand this is the third edition or so, and that the book has expanded considerably from the original, with a lot of the same material referenced in different forms in the appendixes.
I have a feeling that I ll have to write my own few pages of summary to really extract the knowledge I need from it though.
The theorems collected in this work represent the factual underpinning of all dealings one is likely to have in daily dealings with organizations, sevices, software and other systems Encountering this vast collection of truisms is surprising because they even go unmentioned in domain specific writings.
Some really interesting principles and guidelines to appreciate systems thinking from.
The Systems Bible The Beginner S Guide To Systems Large And Small By John Gall