Download Epub Format Ë The Trouble with Paradise: A Humorous Enquiry into the Puzzling Human Condition in the 21st Century PDF by Ë Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood

Download Epub Format Ë The Trouble with Paradise: A Humorous Enquiry into the Puzzling Human Condition in the 21st Century PDF by Ë Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood Funny And Insightful, The Trouble With Paradise Is A Delightful Yet Highly Informative Romp Through The Latest Breakthroughs In Science, Psychology, Popular Culture And The History Of Humans And Life On Earth, With The Ultimate Aim Of Helping The Reader Make Sense Of Their Own Life Within The Context Of The Exciting Yet Also Alarming Developments Of The St Century Grabbing The Hardest Questions Ever Posed By The Biggest Thinkers On Earth By The Throat, As Well As The Toughest Challenges Of Our Time, The Trouble With Paradise Is Both An Intellectual Tour De Force As Well As A Gripping read That Dares To Challenge Almost Everything We Take For Granted About Life, The Universe And Everything At The Same Time, This Book Builds A Series Of Powerful Arguments As To How Our Species Can Break Through The Current Logjam It Find Itself In, To Come Out The Other Side Transformed Into A St Century Version Of Heaven On Earth Inspirational Yet Pragmatic, The Trouble With Paradise Takes You On A Journey Of Discovery From The Edges Of The Universe To The Innermost Recesses Of The Human Psyche, Answering Some Of The Most Profound Questions We Have Ever Asked In Highly Entertaining Way Really enjoyed it An easy read Has given me some serious food for thought.

Really enjoyed it An easy read Has given me some serious food for thought.
Somewhere in the nineteen nineties, partly inspired by physicists, there was a vogue for theories of everything One thinker who followed suit was Integral thinker Ken Wilber seeA Theory of Everything An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science, and Spirituality who is cited in this book as one of the authors many influences.
To produce such a theory, in fact, is ambitious to say the least, though in a sense they are nothing new The cosmologies of many ancient civilizations offer this, and speculations of scientists like Stephen Hawking, Fred Hoyle and even Richard Dawkins all reflect this ambition with metaphysical arguments and speculations in their writings There are many other science books in this vein be they about evolution, big bang theory, Relativity and Quantum theory This is without mentioning philosophy and theology.
Yet for all the successes some of which are considerable it surely is possible to look at the contemporary Western World today and sense disillusion in it Economics has also generated its own crises despite the promises of economists of prosperity following a number of types of policy Many political institutions set up to help with poverty and to empower people all also seem to be in a state of disarray A similar accusation might be thrown at companies in the private sector Religions in the West are also in a state of decline.
It is this situation in which Robin Lincoln Wood attempts to address Drawing on a whole range of ideas including physics, evolution, geology, as well as Integral theories of Ken Wilber of which he gives one of the best down to earth accounts of, I ve read and cutting edge psychology He presents these with a lightness of touch for example quoting Douglas Adams which means that the book than lives up to its promise as being a humorous enquiry The book has the style of a discussion with a friend over meal or drink than of a public lecture This he does while presenting plenty of fascinating and deep philosophical meat This is but one of its appeals.
There is a wide range of learning here lightly worn One of the other most appealing things about this book is the way the author points to how some if these theories can be lived in day to day experience such as in business and relationships Having read a number of integral theory texts, including those of Wilber, a problem with them can be that they come across as abstract Not here This is how one can live integrally in the modern world honouring experience from all realms This is one of the most down to earth renderings of such ideas and as such is to be welcomed.
Trouble in Paradise is a Guide for the Perplexed in the twenty first century reflecting modern concerns An excellent starting point for those wanting a grounded introduction of some of the most interesting integral theories about at the moment A wonderful reality check for integralists wanting to see how some of their ideas might be applied Plus an introduction to Robin Lincoln Wood s own integral approach which he calls thriveability This short book offers plenty of food for thought for all readers.