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¿ Read Æ The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book by Marcie Melillo Æ The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book, Published In , Contains Over , US Issue Dolls Produced By Mattel , Inc From Through All Are Pictured In Full Color, Most With Two Views A Close Up Of The Face And A Full Picture Of The Doll Almost , Photographs Not Intended As A Coffee Table Book, Concise Blocks Of Information Next To The Photographs Contain, Name, Model Number, Hair Color And Style, Clothing, Body Type And Markings, Head Mold And Markings, Accessories, Booklets, And Pertinent Notes All To Assist The Collector In Identifying Loose, Unclothed Dolls From The Covered Time PeriodPDesigned To Be Used Like An Illustrated Dictionary, Where Dolls And Their Characteristics Can Be Looked Up As Quickly As Possible Abbreviations Are Kept To A Minimum, But For Those Used, Check The Terms And Abbreviations Key Also, A Pictorial Key Illustrates Some Of The Frequently Cited Arm Styles, Shoes, Accessories And Doll Stands Finally, An Alphabetical Price Guide And Index Lists The Dolls, Priced Both In And Out Of The Box Along With Average Retail Price And Page Number With Extensive Cross Referencing To Assist In Locating Dolls Within The Book This book has multiple layers of information, a must for any collector I love this book It is one any Barbie collector could appreciate Thank you for putting it up for sale I am a new Barbie collector and have purchased many books but I find myself always going back to this book as a reference Unbelievable amount of research went into this one A must for any Barbie collector, new or old.
Good item and fast shipping This is a very nice book with many pictures and illustrations, distinguishing 1 6 barbie, and many many Lot s of information on barbie and friends A must have for the collector Excellent book Best barbie book around Hands down ,buy this book ,you wont be dissappointed