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À Read â The Ultimate Book of Horse Bits: What They Are, What They Do, and How They Work (2nd Edition) by Emily Esterson ☆ After owning horses for 50 years I remained fairly ignorant about bits This was very helpful in educating me about the different chouces Useful read Whether A Novice Or Expert Horseman, Every Rider, Trainer, Or Owner In Any Equestrian Discipline Will Benefit From This books Wide Ranging And Practical Information For Years To ComeAs Even A Quick Glance Around A Saddler Shop Or Through A Tack Store Catalog Will Show, The World Of Horse Bits Is Both Enormous And Mystifying The Primary Means Of Communicating With And Controlling A Horse, Western And English Bits Come In A Bewildering Assortment Of Materials, Sizes, And Shapes Their Descriptionsfull Cheek Snaffle, Hacka, High Port, French Link, Tom Thumb, Spade, KK Ultraare No Less Puzzling, And With New Bits And Refinements Being Produced Every Year, Even The Most Experienced Horseman Must Struggle To Keep Up With The State Of The ArtThe Ultimate Book Of Horse Bits Will Answer All Your Questions On The Subjectand Then Some Not Only Does The Author And Horsewoman Emily Esterson Go Into Detail About All Kinds Of Equine Mouthware And How Each Is Constructed, But She Also Explains How And Why Each Works In The Context Of What The Rider Wants The Horse To Accomplish Does Your Horse Have Difficulty Bending Or Flexing Suggestions And Solutions To These And Myriad Other Horse And Rider Problems Will Be Found Throughout These Authoritative Yet User Friendly Pages Great book This book is thorough in research on bits, bit making and how bits work mechanically in the equine mouth If you read through all the material, you will be able to make well informed choices on bits for your horses You will be able to pick the right bit for the job, fit it correctly and know how it s meant to be used or not.
De manera general describe los tipos de Bocados y su historia, NO es para que aprendas a detalle c mo se usan y qu efectos provoca cada uno de ellos Un buen libro definitivamente bien estructurado y muy interesante para entender que para un caballo bien arrendado los bocados funcionan como apoyos y no como control total.
This is a great book for how to pick out a bit that is made well I do like the way that she emphases that the bit is only a small picture in a horse and rider relationship Buying a new bit will not solve all of your behavior issues, but it can change the direction of your conversation.
However, her analysis for how bits work needs a lot of work itself As a mechanical engineer and western horse trainer I had a very hard time getting through this section She does not have an understanding of how the various leverage bits or gag bits work Instead she offers up common misconceptions as fact Unfortunately I see this section as the main part of the book If you are looking for a book that will actually help you understand how bits work check out The Complete Book of Bits and Bitting by Elwyn Hartley Edwards He has a very good understanding of the mechanics of how they work with great illustrations to go with it.
Excellent book Before this book I ve questioned, why so many bits and which is the best one I am starting my first horse soon and wanted to make the right decision in choosing the right bit but, starting her off bitless first I am very critical to the books I read and this book was a wealth of knowledge in providing me a better understanding between Western and English bits The author was very thorough in her research in explaining the pros and cons of each bit.

I work for Alberta Carriage Supply and we sell harness and driving accessories for all sizes of horses Bits are an accessory that we carry and although I have my personal favourite, I felt that I should hop on the learning curve and get informed about the Science behind bitting and some of the terminology used when talking about bits I m only part way through the book but already it has surpassed my expectations As far as I m concerned, a lot of horses would be better off if their riders drivers read this book Do your horse and yourself a favour Buy and read this book, you won t be disappointed.
Makes it easy to find and differentiate between all the bits out there.