¾ The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies ë Download by º John R. Lott Jr.

¾ The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies ë Download by º John R. Lott Jr. Great book When It Comes To The Gun Control Debate, There Are Two Kinds Of Data Data Thats Accurate, And Data That Left Wing Billionaires, Liberal Politicians, And Media Want You To Believe Is Accurate InThe War On Guns Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies Regnery Publishing , Nationally Renowned Economist John R Lott, Jr Turns A Skeptical Eye To Well Funded Anti Gun Studies And Stories That Perpetuate False Statistics To Frighten Americans Into Giving Up Their Guns In This, His Latest And Most Important Book,The War On Guns, Lott Offers The Most Thorough Debunking Yet Of The So Called Facts, Data, And Arguments Of Anti Gun Advocates, Exposing How They Have Repeatedly Twisted Or Ignored Therealevidence, The Evidence That Of Course Refutes Them Oneverypoint InThe War On Guns, Youll Learn Why Gun Licenses And Background Checks Dont Stop Crime How Gun Free Zones Actuallyattractmass Shooters Why Stand Your Ground Laws Are Some Of The Best Crime Deterrents We Have Women Now Hold Over A Quarter Of Concealed Handgun Permits How Big Money Liberal Foundations And The Federal Government Are Pouring Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Into Public Health Studies, The Sole Purpose Of Which Is To Manufacture False Data Against Guns How Media Bias And Ignorance Skew The Gun Debateand Why It Will Get Worse From , Not A Single Mass Public Shooting Occurred In An Area Where General Civilians Are Allowed To Carry Guns This is a very good book to learn what the mainstream media does not tell us You can see the real statistics behind guns.
very informative, with statement verification footnote.

Amazing book Reveals the truth behind gun statistics and the reasoning for the current media and political climate against responsible gun ownership.
Interesting read Lots of scary facts for gun owners.