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[Jane Struthers] ☆ The Wisdom of Trees Oracle: Oracle Cards for Wisdom and Guidance [led-zeppelin PDF] Read Online ☆ Cards came in a big box that is hard to store but the cards are super small and hard to read It s hard to follow the guide book.
The artwork of these cards is truly beautiful the accompanying book I really like too I didn t give it a 5 star rating not because of the deck or the book but for 2 reasons 1 the box says the pack contains, besides the cards and guide a fold out diagram to aid the readings There is no fold out diagram 2 The box itself that holds the cards needed to be glued in places to hold the cards from slipping down into cracks and getting stuck or damaged It took some manoeuvring to get glue down into the cracks and then pressed together Of course, one can purchase a bag, I suppose to keep the cards in but personally I like cards and books to go together Other than that I love the cards and book.
arrived quickly, beautiful art work and I love the meanings of the readings

These cards are gorgeous A great addition to my collection I like that the book is easy to use, as well, as I am new to card reading so it gives great insight to each card One of my favourite decks so far I will start this review by saying I have a vast library of oracle and tarot cards that I use on a regular basis And so while I m not exactly sure what I was expecting from these cards when I ordered them maybe quality divination information but they definitely aren t what I was hoping for Although the box is pretty it s not practical The cards fall into the box after the package band has been removed Too, consideration was given to the history of the trees and not enough to the divination aspect I don t hate them, the artwork is very pretty, but I don t particularly care for them either On a scale of 0 to 10 0 being absolutely hate them and 10 being absolutely love them I d rate them at a disappointing 3.
Reconnect With The Natural World And Discover Your True Sense Of Self With This Beautifully Illustrated Card Deck And Guidebook Celebrating The Inherent Wisdom And Spirituality Of TreesThey Have Been Here Long Before We Arrived On This Planet, And Will Be Here Long After We Are Gone The Power And Wisdom Of Trees Have Been Noted By Many Cultures Throughout History, From The Image Of The World Tree To The Symbolism Of The Tree Of Life Even Today, Trees Are Regularly Used As Focal Points Of Worship All Over The WorldInspired By The Serene And Majestic Beauty Of Nature And Rich With Insights From Spiritual Traditions From Around The Globe, This Superbly Illustrated Deck And Accompanying Guide Will Help You Gain New And Profound Levels Of Awareness About Yourself, Your Relationships And Where You Are Headed, From The Wisdom Of TreesDescribing The Mythology, Symbolism And Power Of Of The World S Trees, From The Homely Apple To The Magnificent Giant Redwood, The Wisdom Of Trees Oraclealso Introduces You To The Deva, Or Nature Spirit, That Works In Conjunction With Each Tree To Give You Its True Message