[ Pdf The Witch's Guide to Ritual: Spells, Incantations and Inspired Ideas for an Enchanted Life: (Beginner Witchcraft Book, Herbal Witchcraft Book, Moon Spells, Green Witch, Kitchen Witch) ↠´ womens-fiction PDF ] by Cerridwen Greenleaf Ç g-couture.co.uk

[ Pdf The Witch's Guide to Ritual: Spells, Incantations and Inspired Ideas for an Enchanted Life: (Beginner Witchcraft Book, Herbal Witchcraft Book, Moon Spells, Green Witch, Kitchen Witch) ↠´ womens-fiction PDF ] by Cerridwen Greenleaf Ç

What I liked Lovely layout, a font I really like, and a large amount of information this is a pretty thick book There are rituals in here for all kinds of things from handfasting to celebrating Sabbats to croning rituals There s a good bit of basic discussion about history and cultures throughout, which I appreciate.
Neutral Large portions of this book are dedicated to beginner level information Beginner information on basic tools like cauldrons, athames, and chalices are included, along with how to set up an altar, basic information about gods and goddesses, herbs, correspondences, moon phases, and so on.
This is great if you re a beginner If you ve got the basics down, then this book will contain a lot of information that you have likely already read in a hundred other books.
What could have been better Sections on creating your own rituals are very brief For instance, in the sections on how to create your own rituals for each element, the information is limited to what kind of rituals each element would include i.
e fire rituals would be for change, courage, sparking ideas and deities associated with that element This doesn t really help much if you re looking for detailed instructions on writing your own rituals Indeed, this book contains a LOT of ingredients for ritual and quite a few ready made rituals, but very little step by step instruction on how to write your own.
What I didn t like I feel like a broken record having to say this so often when I review books on witchcraft, but Wicca and witch do NOT mean the same thing Wicca is just ONE of many paths a witch can follow Not everyone follows the rule of three or the Wiccan Rede Some of us believe that while do no harm is a nice idea, it is not always practical or even moral to do no harm Whether in the mundane world or the magickal world, harm is sometimes justified.
Gettin real tired of Wiccans writing these books and proclaiming that their beliefs are factual and applicable to all Honestly, it s just rude It s also not in line with another ethical pearl included in this book do unto others as you would have them do unto you I very much doubt the author or any other Wiccan would appreciate it if books on witchcraft routinely excluded Wicca and Wiccan beliefs or stated that Wiccan beliefs are wrong.
So, If you re going to write a book for Wiccans only, then make that clear in the title If you re going to write a book that is for witches not just Wiccans , don t try to preach laws that only apply to Wicca Pretty simple.
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