[Robert F. Kennedy] ↠´ Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak: The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury--a Known Neurotoxin--from Vaccines [essays PDF] Read Online Ë g-couture.co.uk

[Robert F. Kennedy] ↠´ Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak: The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury--a Known Neurotoxin--from Vaccines [essays PDF] Read Online Ë Liked that it was an easy to follow read From New York Times Bestselling Author Robert F Kennedy, Jr Comes A Science Based Call For The Immediate Removal Of The Dangerous Mercury Containing Preservative Thimerosal From VaccinesOver A Decade Ago, Following A Sharp Rise In Developmental Disorders Such As Autism And ADHD, The Mercury Containing Preservative Thimerosal Was Widely Believed To Have Been Eliminated From Vaccine Supplies In The United States And Abroad However, Dangerous Quantities Of Thimerosal Continue To Be Used, Posing A Significant Threat To Public Health And Leading To A Crisis Of Faith In Vaccine SafetyIn This Groundbreaking Book, Robert F Kennedy, Jr Examines The Research Literature On Thimerosal And Makes A Very Clear Statement About Its Potentially Dangerous Effects In The Past, The CDC, FDA, NIH, And AAP, As Well As The US Congress, The American Academy Of Family Physicians, The US Department Of Agriculture, The European Medicines Agency, And The California Environmental Protection Agency Have Expressed Concerns Over The Use Of Thimerosal In Vaccines But Despite The Many Voices Calling For Action, The Media And Policy Makers Have Repeatedly Failed To Adequately Address The IssueNow, With Thimerosal Let The Science Speak, The Science Supporting The Elimination Of This Toxic Chemical From The Worlds Vaccine Supplies, And Its Replacement With Already Available Safer Alternatives, Is All In One Place Making This Change Should Increase Vaccination Rates By Restoring The Trust Of Concerned Parents In The Vaccine Programa Program That Is So Vitally Important To Public Health Excellent read a real eye opener I never questioned or realised What was in vaccines.
Vaccines kill and destroy lives Look up the current cdc schedule for children now compared to in 1980s Autoimmune issues are on the rise ADD, ADHD, eczema, asthma, allergies, autism Look into what thimerosal does to the human body Just because you think thimerosal was removed from vaccines, do you realize what took its place ALUMINUM This book is great please read it before you decide to vaccinate your child.
The science is not settled as Big Pharma and their partners would like us to believe Placing children s health at risk for corporate profits and professional and political career enhancement is beyond despicable, its criminalScientists have long been bought to fight against concepts like smoking causes cancer, lead causes brain injury in children, x rays harm fetuses in pregnant women, DDT, etc We laugh at it now yet still support injecting infants and pregnant women with mercury for no good reason Barbaric.
MSM plays its part in following along since Big Pharma is a big revenue source Regulators desire a post retirement job at Big Pharma or come from Big Pharma with plans to return.
Scientists in academia can only research with grants and and access and guess who controls most of the money and access to health data The whole system is so corrupt as to remind one of the Dark Ages only in this case its science and big business who stifle the truth and not the church.
Vaccines are a good thing but only safe vaccines There is no place for mercury in them and not enough is being done to evaluate their safety overall CDC and FDA have discredited themselves and Congress both parties are beholden to Big Pharma so good luck on anything changing in the US.
Best people can do is make choices Ensure you get your flu vaccines from single dose vials esp infants and pregnant women as well as all men who seemsusceptible due to testosterone to eliminate most mercury exposure This may require paying out of pocket I d probably eliminate hep B vaccine until the child is older to reduce some of the vaccine load on young children.
I briefed Bobby Kennedy Jr originally on the scientific fraud in the mercury amalgam and vaccines He has bravely stood up, as most large law firms appear to have conflicts of interest as their clients make hundreds of billions on these highly neurotoxic products Now launching WORLD MERCURY PROJECT, he is exposing the callous disregard another excellent book of Big Pharma in its greed that knows no bounds.
Read this book, and you will see the evidence.
It s interesting to me how this portion of scientific research does not get the press and attention that the profit motivated, pro vaccine side does.
We are being manipulated, while millionaires and billionaires line their pockets It s costing us our health and our lives Thank God for Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

Fabulous book Love Robert Kennedy and what he is trying to accomplish to keep our kids safe from unnecessary harm Great read If you ve ever wanted to know the full story on if Mercury is really harmful, this is the book for you.