Download Epub Format Ê Timeless Places: Morocco PDF by Ê Annette Solystz

Download Epub Format Ê Timeless Places: Morocco PDF by Ê Annette Solystz Annette Soylst s book on Morocco consisting of two parts Story and images is than just a coffee table book.
The book starts with a quote by the novelist Paul Bowles I had been certain that sometime in my life I should come into a magic place which in disclosing its secrets would give me wisdom and ecstasy This picture book captures some of Morocco s magic in its lively text providing well researched historical facts, interesting anecdotes and poetic descriptions of the country s cities and rural areas The images portray the diverse facets of the country.
The text and photographs have a timeless quality.
This book is a must for fans of Paul Bowles and those who share his vision of Morocco as well as for those who plan to visit or have visited Morocco and need a souvenir of their visit.
Timeless Places Morocco is an enjoyable read, which takes the reader and the viewer to a land which is filled with mystery and mysticism The language is poetic, and the photography is breathtaking.
Morocco capture in between the pages of a book One corner and part of the spine are damaged almost looks like it had been chewed by a dog Disappointed by the condition, but not worth returning It will be a Goodwill donation.
Explore This Mysterious Realm In Morocco Ramble Through The Winding Streets Of Tangler S Hilly Medina, Or Wander Through The Ruins Of The Ancient Roman City Of Sala Colonia In Rabat Immerse Yourself In The Stunning And Various Landscape, From Mountaintop Casbahs To Stark And Dramatic Vistas Filled With Luscious Full Color Photographs Accompanied By Captivating And Provocative Text This Mesmerizing Volume Offers A Taste Of Morocco S Mystique From Cosmopolitan Casablanca To The Busting Old World Markets Of Fez And Provides A Taste Of The Charm And Elegance Of This Fascinating Place