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[ Don Gillmor] ☆ To the River: Losing My Brother [united-states PDF] Ebook Epub Download · Gillmor has a beautifully told personal story but has also researched the subject of suicide well This book is very informative and the issue handled with sensitivity It is a must read for those living with at risk individuals or who have lost someone.
WINNER OF THE GOVERNOR GENERAL S LITERARY AWARD FOR NON FICTIONAn Eloquent And Haunting Exploration Of Suicide In Which One Of Canada S Most Gifted Writers Attempts To Understand Why His Brother Took His Own Life Which Leads Him To Another Powerful Question Why Are Boomers Killing Themselves At A Far Greater Rate Than The Silent Generation Before Them Or The Generations That Have Followed In The Spring Of 2006, Don Gillmor Travelled To Whitehorse To Reconstruct The Last Days Of His Brother, David, Whose Truck And Cowboy Hat Were Found At The Edge Of The Yukon River Just Outside Of Town The Previous December David S Family, His Second Wife, And His Friends Had Different Theories About His Disappearance Some Thought David Had Run Away Some Thought He D Met With Foul Play But Most Believed That David, A Talented Musician Who At The Age Of 48 Was About To Give Up The Night Life For A Day Job, Had Intentionally Walked Into The Water Just As Don Was About To Paddle The River Looking For Traces, David S Body Was Found, Six Months After He D Gone Into The River And Don S Canoe Trip Turned Into An Act Of Remembrance And Mourning At Least David Could Now Be Laid To Rest But There Was No Rest For His Survivors As His Brother Writes, When People Die Of Suicide, One Of The Things They Leave Behind Is Suicide Itself It Becomes A Country At First I Was A Visitor, But Eventually I Became A Citizen In This Tender, Probing, Surprising Work, Don Gillmor Brings Back News From That Country For All Of Us Who Wonder Why People Kill Themselves And Why, For The First Time, It S Not The Teenaged Or The Elderly Who Have The Highest Suicide Rate, But The Middle Aged Especially Men.
Don Gillmor s eloquent and insightful look at suicide invites us all into the life of someone struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts Through this readable and relatable story, he helps create understanding that suicide isn t just a choice of the weak, but the only answer some can see to escape their pain This is an important book but a truly gifted storyteller.

While I appreciate the courage it took to write this book, I don t think it honestly explores the full impact of losing someone to suicide There are moments, but then the author backs away and sides with society at large looking for someone to blame He returns from this quest with nothing I believe this is because the question of why a person takes their life is often unanswerable and equally unhelpful Nothing good comes from blame We lost our son to suicide There is a lot of stigma surrounding those who lose someone this way Rather than the pointless quest for why, I wish Don Gillmor had shared what it feels like to experience something few people understand That is how compassion grows and this is a human experience in deep need of compassion It was his book to write, and his choice to decide the subject I know that, but as a reader and a survivor I was very disappointed.
If you or someone you know has ever been affected by the suicide of a friend or family member, this book is for you Don Gillmor writes movingly, without cloying sentimentality, about losing his brother to suicide He takes this very personal and particular story and elevates it to a much bigger tableau, at the overall social level He uses the enquiring eye of an investigative journalist and asks tough questions about what is driving up the suicide rate of men like his brother Gillmor is a gifted writer, because it is hard to make such a wrenching subject so compelling to read, as he does, with hard facts, with wry touches of humour, and with real grace.