ä Tornado Hunter: Getting Inside the Most Violent Storms on Earth ↠´ Download by Á Stefan Bechtel

ä Tornado Hunter: Getting Inside the Most Violent Storms on Earth ↠´ Download by Á Stefan Bechtel Like The Deadly Tornadoes It Documents, This Potent Combination Of High Adventure And Hard Science Is Terrifyingly Timely In Our Era Of Global Warming And Climate Change The Weather Channel, Now America S Most Watched Programming, Has In Recent Years Shown Us A Relentless Series Of Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, And Eruptions Killing Thousands, Turning Millions Into Refugees, And Leaving Whole Cities In Shocked, Shattered RuinsOf Nature S Weapons, Tornadoes Are Among The Most Unforgiving, And Here S An Unforgettable Portrait Of These Storms And One Extraordinary Man Who Challenged Themand Produced The First Ever Photographs Snatched From A Rampaging Twister S Black Heart Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras, Working With Master Storyteller Stefan Bechtel, Author Of Roar Of The Heavens, Has Created A Page Turner With Narrative Force And Scientific SubstanceIn The First Of Five You Are There Accounts, Tornado Hunter Opens With A Moment By Moment Description Of The Catastrophe That Engulfed Manchester, South Dakota The Authors Evoke The Doomed Town And Its People The Dark Menacing Funnel And Samaras S Fearless Advance Into The Whirlwinds Core To Deploy The Ingenious Equipment He Devised They Interweave The Tornado Chaser S Passion, The Fascinating Science Of The Storms Themselves, And Six Decades Of Progress In Predicting And Recording Their Onslaughtan Art Beholden To Samaras S Own Groundbreaking InventionsTim Samaras S Article In National Geographic Became One Of The Most Widely read In The Magazines History This Powerful Book Is Destined To Blast Its Way Onto Bestseller Lists Everywhere Tim Samaras story was fascinating, though I admit to being predisposed to find it so From the sheer techno geekdom of taking apart TV sets in grade school someone would be calling Child Protective Services today to his successful deployment of instrumented probes in a tornado s path, it was a vicarious thrill to ride along on his chases.
Bechtel s writing is for the most part successful once things get going his narrative paints a clear picture of events as they unfold and the story is hard to resist His descriptions of the underlying science are intelligent enough to be interesting to the technically minded without alienating normal people.
However, Bechtel is a writer and not a scientist and apparently never met a metaphor or simile he didn t like Once the story takes off this is hardly noticeable, but you ll need to suffer through a chapter or two of phrases like a disemboweled tomb how DO you disembowel dusty bones to get there.
Once the story took off, I eagerly turned pages all the way to the end.
Sind total begeistert von dem Buch Wer gut in Englisch ist und sich f r Tim Samaras und seine Arbeit interessiert, f r den ist dieses Buch ein absolutes muss R.
P Tim.
It is a great read, made all the poignant by the fact that the subject of this book, Tim Samaras, became a storm casualty himself along with his son and another colleague,during a chase gone wrong while in El Reno on 5 31 13 His was an epic life and this book described a man in love with his work and a passion for his cause The stories are thrilling and showcased the work that he did and the exuberance he had for everything that he did He was a person determined to learn what he could, that he could save others with what he had discovered This book is a legacy of him in his heyday and what he was able to accomplish while he lived He will be sorely missed by all who knew him or of him and his work.
I was surprised by the different journeys this book took me on I didn t read any reviews before buying it, so I didn t know what to expect The book covers a lot of what Tim and his team does, but also goes into stories about the life of Fujita, many famous tornadoes, and The Man Who Rode the Thunder, as well as many other interesting tangents I read the kindle version of the book The photos didn t come through very well, but overall was a nice experience The only thing I didn t like is that the book was written before Tim became famous on Storm Chasers, and much of that is left out.
Very informative educational interesting Explains weather meteorology and technology to the layperson Mr Samaras was an intelligent, witty, kind and generous human being.
Reading this was difficult Encountering the stories, anecdotes, and descriptions of Tim s life and the qualities which made him such a brilliant and charismatic person all the while knowing he is dead was poignant What a loss to science and for humanity.
Interesting book and I learned a lot about severe weather I have always been fascinated by Thunderstorms have been under Mammatus cloud formations in Nebraska and didn t know what to call them That was in 1980 a small town west of Omaha was torn up by 3 tornadoes after dark.
The descriptions of balancing danger with the need or desire to press on could just as well be used to describe firefighters and fire fighting Well written I particularly enjoyed the historical chapters.
Tornado Hunter is a very readable book which includes the hows and whys of severe weather, especially on the Great Plains in spring as well as the researchers who chase them Tornadoes have gone from being considered unforecastable rare severe storms which can cause horrific but sometimes very unusual damage to being seen as the result of understandable and predictable weather conditions The goal is to understand which storms will produce tornadoes and when to allow residents of the area to have the time to get to a place of safety The story of how these studies began, and where the research has taken us to today is very well done I have given this book twice to people I thought would enjoy it, and I have my own copy to refer to.
Tim Samaras, a self taught engineer, teamed with a writer from National Geographic who wrote the majority of the book have written a masterpiece for those who want a book with a good basic understanding of severe storm phenomenon as well as first hand accounts Tim Samaras died in the 2nd Moore Oklahoma tornado of 2013 After reading this book the reasons for research chasers and the importance of their data will be clear Time Samaras also did high speed photography studies of lightning,