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[Andreas F. Clenow] ¶ Trading Evolved: Anyone can Build Killer Trading Strategies in Python [abuse PDF] Read Online ✓ Systematic Trading Allows You To Test And Evaluate Your Trading Ideas Before Risking Your Money By Formulating Trading Ideas As Concrete Rules, You Can Evaluate Past Performance And Draw Conclusions About The Viability Of Your Trading Plan Following Systematic Rules Provides A Consistent Approach Where You Will Have Some Degree Of Predictability Of Returns, And Perhaps Importantly, It Takes Emotions And Second Guessing Out Of The Equation.
From The Onset, Getting Started With Professional Grade Development And Backtesting Of Systematic Strategies Can Seem Daunting Many Resort To Simplified Software Which Will Limit Your Potential Trading Evolved Will Guide You All The Way, From Getting Started With The Industry Standard Python Language, To Setting Up A Professional Backtesting Environment Of Your Own The Book Will Explain Multiple Trading Strategies In Detail, With Full Source Code, To Get You Well On The Path To Becoming A Professional Systematic Trader.
This Is A Highly Practical Book, Where Every Aspect Is Explained, All Source Code Shown And No Holds Barred Written By Andreas F Clenow, Author Of The International Best Sellers Following The Trend And Stocks On The Move, Trading Evolved Goes Into Greater Depth And Covers Strategies For Trading Both Futures And Equities Trading Evolved Is An Incredible Resource For Aspiring Quants Clenow Does An Excellent Job Making Complex Subjects Easy To Access And Understand Bravo.
Wes Gray, PhD, CEO Alpha Architect Algorithmic trading models, python, Quantopian Zipline seem very worthy methods and tools to combat the exciting but very complex world of trading investing Information on each of these items is typically scattered around many IT or data science oriented websites, blogs or books that lack practical application for the purpose of trading In my view, Andreas Clenow has produced finally a book that helps both professionals and retail investors to understand and apply these topics holistically for use in your own trading Not only that, but Andreas with his extensive industry experience, explains very well why certain strategies only partly work, the benefits and need to diversify across markets, the difficulty of trading stocks versus futures, etc even though he provides many sophisticated quant models, e.
g equity momentum strategy, he mainly helps the reader to understand that in today s trading environment, any trader needs to be flexible and anticipate by constantly researching, developing and back testing their models This is a great book that helps anyone to build up this competency from scratch I can highly recommend this, unfortunately this is pretty much the only book in this space that is so helpful and practical, I hope many will follow.
I don t think I ve ever written a review before but was compelled to do so This is mainly because of how open the author is with some of these strategies Its a great book to promote ideas I am a complete novice re programming i.
e my understanding is limited to turning a computer on so I wouldn t say I found it a walk in the park but then what is However with time and effort it starts to come together You can use the book in a variety of ways as a beginner you will spend much of your early time getting your head around the programming For those already able to program then you can jump around There are multiple types of trading across various asset classes so should be something for most people.
This author really knows what he s talking about and at 8 for the Kindle version it s a bargain Can t see that it s worth paying five times as much for a hardcopy.
For the new trader who wants to explore trading systems concepts such as trend following, mean reversion and momentum, this book provides an extensive set of tested code that allows you to get on with the task of exploring the concept rather than the mechanics of programming it For someone relative new to Python and trading this would save them dozens of hours and flatten the learning curve You still need to dedicate time and effort towards learning the environment though.
For the advanced trader, this book discusses explores many critical components of a trading system including portfolio management and rebalancing, trading system evaluation metrics, backtesting package integration and the effects of combining multiple systems These are presented in a logical and easy to implement manner.
There s dozens of insights beyond Python programming on topics such as trading psychology, comparison of asset classes, shorting, risk management and pitfalls of particular ETF types These would normally take a trader years to accumulate through experience.
It s rare to see all of this in a single book.
Even if you don t use Python right now, this book will provide you with a vast set of pragmatic insights about systematic trading.
If you are using Python, this book is invaluable.
Excellent book written by Andreas to enable retail traders to succeed in systematic trading Unlike the other 2 books which detailed on the specific systematic trading models, in this book he has actually explained in simple language how to setup fully functional systematic back testing platform and run tests with source code shared for multiple systematic strategies.
The information shared is not easily available to retail traders unless one is exposed to professional setup I had eagerly awaited for this book and most probably the 1st one to purchase it on Completed reading the book within a week and was able to easily setup and test the strategies on the back testing platform.
A must read for someone interested to learn the internal working of professional systematic funds Andreas has shared enough information in the book to make readers be in par with professionals Once you have understood these concepts the possibilities are limitless.
This book is written in a way that as well the beginner and the advanced will get lots of value out of it Especially all who want to learn Python in a practical way will love it, but also as a trader who does not use Python the practical examples, statistics and graphs in the various backtests about most of the important asset classes will give you useful orientation for your trading.
Andreas style of writing lends itself to the easy style of Python programming for those already familiar with programming in another language This book is easy to follow and Andreas encourages you to try out his coding snippets and build on the experience to further develop your own strategies Overall an excellent book into the world of Python and market trading systems.
Great stuff again, I ve read all books of Andreas Clenow Really well explained on multi dimensionnal topics Well explained in area that you can get lost with details He clears the way for you that will help you to build your own strategies Not recommended for people that only want to copy strategies without knowledge This is best to help you develop your own Great work If you are wondering how to start using python to create trading models, this book is for you Andreas is not a full time programmer but he knows a lot about the financial industry and how to build trading models Without his book it took me a full year to start installing using Python Anaconda and libraries like Numpy, Pandas, zipline etc After reading it I think you can make it in 3 6 months Of course you will need to work hard but the writer will assist you and give you some useful guidances in each chapter.
If you are already an expert in backtesting and programming maybe you will be a bit disappointed but the goal here is not advanced programming Anyway you should learn a lot from a professional investor, especially on how to build serious backtests and analyse results.
Congratulation for this excellent book Mr Clenow and thank you so much for sharing everything with us.