Download Epub Format µ True or Poo?: The Definitive Field Guide to Filthy Animal Facts and Falsehoods PDF by Ó Nick Caruso

Download Epub Format µ True or Poo?: The Definitive Field Guide to Filthy Animal Facts and Falsehoods PDF by Ó Nick Caruso So I ve bought both books by these authors imaged above and I couldn t be happier They re short books that are full of funny illustrations, quippy passages, and just a ton of quirky science If you like fun facts, these books are your El Dorado If you re interested in science, these books give you a tour de force of biology by exploring areas that we often talk about, but don t always think about.
Another cool feature of these books is that they ve given me a way to get my nieces and nephews aged 4 to 18 engaged in biology They enjoy these books about as much as I do Between the funny topics, the illustrations, and the interesting tid bits, these books make for a good way to talk with them about science and the many different ways artists, researchers, and writers can engage with such topics.
Ultimately, I highly recommend these books and hope there s on the way I m a fan of Does it fart so I was pretty sure i d enjoy this book too, and it does not disappoint More fun, well researched facts, silly illustrations, compacted writing so you can dip in and out of the book as you wish Kids love these books for the animal and or gross factors but, to be honest, I share these facts with adults just as much They make for fun light conversation at parties or other gatherings, too I especially like the debunking aspect of True or Poo because social media has a bad habit of sharing very false animal facts so it s nice to learn the reality in a fun way Good for anyone any age who is light hearted and curious about Nature.
I gave this to my 11 yr neice for part of her Christmas My brother, her step dad, has a funny but not inappropriate sense of humor it s rubbed off onto my neice That said, she liked this book a lot She quizzed us with some things in the book We all had fun with it and learned quite a bit The only reason I am giving this book 4 stars is because my neice said she d would have liked details and smaller pictures Otherwise it s great It gives kids to read pretty funny and good facts to come back with as dad jokes

This book addresses the strange side of zoology, the one that is usually riddled with jargon and is hard for anyone without a science background to read But Rabaiotti and Caruso tackle 80 myths about the animal kingdom in a way that is engaging for everyone, explaining complicated concepts in layman s terms Often, books such as these are boring for people who actually know a thing or two about the respective subject, but True or Poo is intellectually stimulating and fun to read for all ages Highly informative with an effective writing style, with delightful illustrations by Kocak Definitely worth buying.
Merci From The Scientist Duo Behind The New York Times Bestselling Sensation Does It Fart Comes A New Illustrated Compendium Of Animal Facts And Falsehoods, From The Head Scratching To The Repulsive After Does It Fart Comes Number Twoa Fully Illustrated Compendium Of Animal Facts And Falsehoods The Repulsive The Better Do Komodo Dragons Have Toxic Slobber Is It True That A Scorpion That Sheds Its Tail Dies Of Constipation Speaking Of Poo, Do Rabbits Really Have A Habit Of, Err, Eating Their Own And Can You Really Get High From Licking Toads, Or Is Thatfake Newts The Answers To All These Questions And Can Be Found In True Or Poo , A Manual For Disgusting And One Upping Your Friends And Enemies For Years To Come