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↠´ Read Ö Twin Flames & Karmic Partners: Lessons of True Love by Silvia Moon à The Situation Gets Very Complicated When A Twin Flame Meets Another When They Are Both In Karmic Relationships Or One Of The Twin Flame Partners Is Already Dating Someone Else When I First Met My Twin Flame, A Certain Kind Of Relief Came Over Me Because Life Suddenly Became Very Simple And I Found It Easy To Show Self Love To Myself The Love That You Feel For Your Twin Flame Keeps Growing Within You No Matter How Much Effort You Put In Avoiding Them, And It Doesnt Matter What You Do To Run From The ConnectionFirstly, Your Twin Flame Partner Could Have Met You When They Were Already Married Remember That The Twin Flame Experience Catches Both Twin Flames By Surprise And Its Usually When Both Twin Flames Are Going Through A Trying Time In Their LivesI Believe In My Soul That My Twin Flame Found Me At A Time When We Both Needed To Reignite Each Others Souls We Were Both At A Stage In Our Lives When We Were Weary And Hopeless About LifeHe Found Me When I Was So Lost I Couldnt See Ahead Of My Life Situation And I Had Lost Hope In My Goals And DreamsSince We Are Both The Same Person My Twin Flame And I, We Both Shared Ideas, Plans, And Tips On How We Could Both Improve Our Lives We Have The Same Ideas About Life And We Are Each Others Support System My Twin Flame Told Me And Showed Me The Different Ways That I Am Capable Of Improving And He Also Empowered Me To Look At The Future With A Fresh PerspectiveOnce We Both Separated Because We Live On Different Continents, The Change That Has Come Into My Life Has Been Transformative, Invigorating And Soul ChangingAfter Two Years Of Learning And Unlearning About Myself, I Realized That My Twin Flame Gave Me A Map On How To Embrace The New ChangeThe Love That I Feel For My Twin Flame Has Been The Driving Force Behind This Change There Is No Way I Can Let Him Down I Committed Myself To Achieve All The Things That My Twin Flame Said That I Am Capable OfWhether You Are A Married Twin Flame Or Not, You Experience All The Changes That A Twin Flame Brings In Your Life You Cant Slow Down The Catalytic Change That Your Twin Flame Sparks In Your Life, Therefore, It Is Stressful To Have A Twin Flame When You Are Still Married Or Committed To Someone ElseI Was Married But Not Happy And I Didnt Know How To End It Because I Was Afraid Of Being AloneAnything Fake About Your Life, Your Twin Flame Encounter Uncovers The Truth About It This Experience Sheds Light On Every Dark Corner Of Your SoulI Too Ran From The Connection Because It Was Overwhelming To Feel So Much Love For Someone Who Was Outside My Marriage When I Blocked My Twin Flame Out Of My Life, He Suggested Back That It Was Best For Both Of Us Not To Talk Since I Was Still Married To His FriendI Got Scared That I Had Pushed Him Too Far Away From Me This Fear Of Losing Him Forced Me To Chase Him In Return I Could Text Him, Call Him, Stalk Him On Social Media Just To Find Out If He Still Cared For Me I Was Also Feeling Guilty About Ruining Our Relationship Because I Started RunningWhat Is So Transformative About This Experience Is The Presence Of Your Twin Flames Energy And Essence Throughout The Physical Separation I Can Feel My Twin Flame Within Me And I Feel Like I Am Becoming Him Each Passing Day As Time Went By, I Realized That This Person Was Different From All The People That I Had Connected With Before I Realized That I Had Not Loved Deeply Before As Much As I Love My Twin Flame NowThe Twin Flame Meeting Is Unexpected Because Divine Timing Is Always At Play In The Lives Of Both Twin FlamesWhat Would You Do If Your Twin Flame Is Already Married Or Dating Someone Else Let Us Find Out In This Simple And Easy To read Self Help BookI Wish You The Best Of Luck On Your Twin Flame Journey

Beautiful and so true This is very close to my journey with my Twin Flame We are all unique but the same Thank you