í Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into the Universe · Download by Ä Bathroom Readers' Institute

í Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into the Universe · Download by Ä Bathroom Readers' Institute We have purchased four of these The first I kept in the bathroom Since then my visitors have come out telling me little pieces of information that captured their undivided attention I have given the others as gifts to them for their own bathrooms Great way to capture kids and adults attention about important scientific findings without the pressure to read something worthwhile.
This is an excellant book to use either as a reference for school or to read for fun or both This as well as all of the others is a great gift for anyone who is interested in learning about inner and outer space All of the Bathroom books make interesting reading on a vast variety of subjects As the saying goes,Try it, you ll like it.
Enjoy it very much Great read.
The husband starts telling me that the heart isn t really on the left side of the chest, it s just that the left ventricle is bigger, and why it developed that way How did he acquire this arcane knowledge Uncle John s Plunges Into the Universe, of course.
My husband loves this book I got it for him as gift an entirely successful gift , and he keeps showing me things Math Mnemonics did you know that you can remember the order of Roman numerals L, C, D, M if you can recall Lucky Cows Drink Milk In this book you can also find out than you ever wanted to know about dead skin chomping dust mites, the teeth of elephants, space travel foods developed by NASA, plus the ever popular much, much Short articles full of fascinating trivia with a lively presentation the perfect gift for the geek on the run who doesn t have time to read than Scientific American articles but Wants To Know Everything Anyway.
Lots of quick enjoyable reads in this book and a good laugh or two something for almost everybody I especially liked the article about using flowers and fish to predict the weather the sort of thing you d only find in Uncle John My hubby liked the info about the sturdiness of houses built out of dung He s ready to try it if our rent goes up again Yep there s good stuff in this book.

I usually love this series of books, but apparently Uncle John has a new author editor who is bent on trying to be cute and witty, which comes off trite and boringeven distracting I used to pick up these books without a second thought No longer the case.
super Good book for the bathroom, lots of tidbits of information Great Plunges Into The Universe Is Your Anecdote To Boring Science Text books Uncle John And His Loony Lab Partners Will Take You Back To The Big Bang And Forward To The Distant Future You Ll See The Science In Everything Around And Inside You, And Learn The Truth About The Most Egregious Science Myths Such As You Can T Sweat Like A Pig Because Pigs Don T Sweat How Many Amazing Facts Await Your Visual Cortex In These Pages Made Up Of Atoms Print Version Or Bits And Bytes E Book As Carl Sagan Would Havesaid, Billions And Billions So Put On Your Thinking Cap And Check Outa Pluto Denied Kitchen Chemistry Football Gets Physics Al Planet Earth S Sudden Hot Flashes Food S Incredible Journeya Through You The Science Of Surfing, Skating, And Snowboarding How They Plugged The Hole In The Ozone Layer How Defenseless Animals Stay Alive Sci Fi That S Fi Than Sci Ancient Astronomers Know Your Clouds And Much, Much