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[Isa Chandra Moskowitz] í Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook [guinea PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ Who Knew Vegetables Could Taste So Good Vegan Powerhouses Isa Moskowitz And Terry Romero Bring A Brand New Edition Of This Beloved Vegan Cookbook To Celebrate Its Th Anniversary You Ll Find New Dishes And Updates Throughout For Than Recipes Everything From Basics To Desserts , Stunning Color Photos, And Tips For Making Your Kitchen A Vegan Paradise All The Recipes In Veganomicon Have Been Thoroughly Kitchen Tested To Ensure User Friendliness And Amazing Results Veganomicon Also Includes Meals For All Occasions And Soy Free, Gluten Free, And Low Fat Options, Plus Quick Recipes That Make Dinner A Snap A good book for vegans, but probably not for newbies There aren t many pictures, which is a real shame It s primarily written for the American market, so there are lots of unusual ingredients, but nonetheless it s a good book I like Isa s style of writing, it s easy and good fun Recommended, but there are better books for the beginner vegan, in my opinion.
My wife I have been working through this cookbook for a year now Finally, I am going to write my review of it Isa Chandra Moskowitz is a vegan foodie sensation If you make vegan food regularly, you know there are basic techniques and styles we all rely on, and every once in a while, some sort of revolution sweeps through the vegan cooking world, and suddenly everyone is looking at their tofu a little differently Veganomicon is that moment We are busy people who love to cook delicious vegan food, and we often try to tackle five new recipes a week, so we read a lot of cookbooks We cook for a twelve year old, too, so kid friendliness is a high priority Maybe, though, our kid friendliness is different, since our kid is a life long vegetarian with a lot of adventurous eating under his belt The book is well organized and easy to use Ingredients are listed in the order you use them it s the little things, you know Ingredients are exotic enough that you should have access to a few specialty groceries or a coop, but not so insane that you can t make these recipes in a small town I live in a small city and can find pretty much everything we need There are some classics in here, recipes we make over and over again A lot of the recipes are easily adapted to keep things interesting The muffins and soups are strong points recipes worth repeating And the vodka sauce It s delicious It makes a pasta dinner special Our kid asks for it by name.
I only made one thing from this cookbook that I wasn t crazy about the chickpea cutlets and nearly everyone I ve talked to about them LOVED the recipe, so I can only think that I did something wrong Any time I talk to anyone about vegan cooking which is OFTEN I always end up talking about this book it s just one of the best, most dependable, most rewarding cookbooks available today vegans and non vegans can both indulge and delight in these recipes even my vegan hating co workers were converted to vegan appreciation by a few of the cookie recipes.
God, I wanted to love this cookbook Picked it up when it was brand new, as Vegan with a Vengeance is one of my favorites I appreciate the idea behind it so many vegan cookbooks are thin paperbacks that it s a cool idea to try to up the game with a nice solid hardback But in my opinion, this is a middle ground cookbook too highfalutin for daily use, but not quite polished enough for special events Other than a few standbys, I rarely use this cookbook because it is chock o block with the types of bullshit obscure ingredients that I can t get around here This is fine every now and then, but most of the time, I m not interested in dropping 20 for some weird ass spice I have to order off the internet just so I can make a darn stew Maybe they should only sell the cookbook in Brooklyn Don t get me wrong, there are some fantastic things in here and certainly not everything is complicated the edamame corn salad is awesome and trivially easy but far too often I find myself flipping through it going, can t, can t, can t, can t, can t.
I am like 90% pescatarian, meaning that throughout a month like 90% of what I eat contains no soil or earthbound or non sea worthy animal components except dairy, because I love cheese to an almost shameful degree The 10% of my diet that is made from earth roaming beasts comes generally in the form of charcuterie at nice restaurants or the infrequent baconing of some component of a meal or if I go to my parents for a meal, as they eat pretty much only animals and potatoes, in thick animal gravies, and I m not about to tell my lovely mom and dad that I m not eating the fare they worked so hard to prepare simply because of my fussy consumption habits Anyway, I and my girlfriend eat a lot of vegan dishes because you know what enforced obstructions are a fun way of developing new techniques and learning things In art as in food Veganism is like the Oulipo of gastronomy Or Lars Von Trier s The Five Obstructions of the dining universe I dig it I don t do it all the time, but I like doing it Like certain acts of lovemaking Anyway, I have never disliked a single dish made from this blessed book,The Veganomicon, so if you re vegan or just vegan curious or just into cooking technique, check it out A hell of a reliable cookbook.
First, the recipes are very well written and explained The authors don t leave out any details, and include things like when you bake this cake, it s really really important to not open the oven for at least 45 minutes no matter how tempting it is They include lots of variations for most recipes Most importantly, the recipes are very weeknight A lot of them are pretty quick to prepare, very tasty, and don t necessarily involve a billion different steps and sub recipes I ve either liked or loved everything I ve made from this cookbook so far Particularly, there s a recipe for lemon pound cake that s very yummy I just made the vegan mac n cheese , which was fantastic It perfectly satisfied my craving for the super artificial extra wicked boxed Kraft mac n cheese fortunately, since it s basically made from noodles, tofu, and nutritional yeast, I didn t feel too bad about it afterwards I ve made a few of their bean dishes, soups, etc.
, and all of them have been extremely tasty Even if you re not vegan, it s nice to learn how to cook in ways that aren t meat centric I mean, a bean soup is a bean soup, and a tablespoon of olive oil instead of butter really isn t that big of a deal Also, if you have vegan friends or know people who have to really watch their saturated fat cholesterol, learning to cook some vegan dishes is a good addition to your culinary repertoire.
Veganomicon is the grown up version of Vegan with a Vengeance Not its momma but the grown up post punk herself Still the same intelligent, clever and witty writing and the same mind blowingly creative recipes but this time there is some very helpful information on kitchen necessities, both cookware and pantry staples, basic information on how to prepare different types of produce, some very grown up and organized menus and the layout is beautifully refined Much like I am trying to be in this review when all I really want to say is that this book KICKS ASS Now, I haven t actually tried out any of the recipes but I will say that VWAV has stayed on my kitchen countertop for months, I have made about 80% of the recipes and everthing is flawless I have taken many a baked good to work and other functions and even the most die hard omni goes crazy for them Even my dad, who is terrified of the word vegan , is so crazy about the coconut carrot cake that I have made it multiple times and he consumes most of it I have made my family eat almost everything from the sidedish section and they loved it all So, pretty much, if you re vegan, or just not stupid, buy this book now There is nothing better out there Although I m greedy and I m already anticipating the next book And possibly a string of VWAV Veganomicon restaurants in all my favorite cities.
Recipes made so far Fudgy Wudgy Blueberry Brownies ExcellentCoconut Lemon Bundt Cake AwesomeEggplant and Potato Moussaka with Pine Nut Cream OkayTamarind Lentils DelishCurried Tofu GoodChocolate Chip Banana Bread Pudding Very tastyChickpea Cutlets Outstanding and addictiveLasagne Marinara with Spinach Very goodCreamy Tomato Soup my daughter actually ate some which is a miracle.
This book is saucy and I like it so far Pineapple cashew quinoa I accidentally made this with whole pecans instead of cashews because I was aggressively drunk cooking I think the cashews would be better with this I m all about the pineapple flavor, though, and this was really easy to put together or was it, drunk Emily was it.
Chickpeas Romanesco I m not familiar with traditional romanesco sauces, and this felt too difficult for a chickpea curry though I roasted my own bell peppers and that added like 40 minutes to the process I d like to try it without some of the extra steps, even though pulverizing nuts in a food processor is one of the small, violent joys in my life Snobby Joes This is a recipe that Matt and I make every few weeks it s generous to say Matt and I make it when what I really mean is Matt makes it Do Snobby Joes made with lentils taste like sloppy joes made with meat No, but the lentil version is DELICIOUS We ve also made them for my carnivorous father and gotten a good review Last week we ran out of chili powder and used cayenne pepper instead, which gave it a nice kick at the end.
A comprehensive vegan cookbook I ll have to try some recipes before being sure of my rating I m not a fan of the emphasis on tofu and traditional wheat flours, but perhaps it will be worth it.